Deutsche Bank Report Releases: “Investors Still Expecting ‘Great Bull Market’ for Cryptocurrency


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Kim So-yeon] Deutsche Bank of Germany, a global financial company, conducted a survey of US consumers and announced that a ‘deep bullish’ in the cryptocurrency market is expected.

On the 23rd (US time), Cointelegraph reported that both short-term and long-term cryptocurrency traders and long-term investors are unlikely to give up holding cryptocurrencies in a bear market, while reporting on Deutsche Bank’s ‘The Future of Cryptocurrency’, a report by Deutsche Bank that foresaw a potential cryptocurrency bull market. did.

According to the report, Marion Laboure, director of macro strategy at Deutsche Bank, said in an interview with Cointelegraph, “Even in an extremely bearish market, where the value of cryptocurrencies drops by 80%, less than half of crypto investors invest “It’s interesting to see investors’ attention to the deep bullish,” he said.

Deutsche Bank’s survey results were conducted on 3,250 US consumers in early December last year, and 680 of them were using cryptocurrency. The report also divided the survey respondents into three groups: traders, investors and handlers, of which 80% were classified as ‘investors’ who had invested in cryptocurrencies in the past six months. More than 70% of investors plan to increase their holdings of cryptocurrencies, either large or small, over the next six months.

Cointelegraph said that according to a report by Deutsche Bank, there are very few sellers in the cryptocurrency market, but months in the cryptocurrency market can feel like years. It should be kept in mind, he added.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank said in March of last year that “Bitcoin is too important to ignore,” and Raboer, the bank’s director, emphasized that “even taking into account price volatility, cryptocurrencies can become digital gold in the 21st century.” did.

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