DIA announced a strategic cooperation with Gather to integrate the oracle into an ad-free content monetization platform


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DIA and Gather formally reached a partnership. DIA’s price oracle will provide safe, transparent and instant data for the payment mechanism in Gather, and determine the value of assets for Gather’s stakeholders. At the same time, DIA will be integrated as an online payment option, and DIA payment will be applicable to any website or application that uses Gather. This will not only bring more publicity exposure to DIA, community users can also choose to pay their income through DIA, and will also encourage the DIA community to integrate Gather into its own website or application to generate additional revenue through DIA.

About DIA:

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open source financial information platform that uses cryptocurrency economic incentives to obtain and verify data. Market participants can provide, share and use financial and digital asset data. At present, DIA has successfully landed on mainstream trading platforms such as Binance and OKEX.


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