Digital artwork appeared on Taobao Maker Festival, designer Huang Heshan and NEAR released NFT


Huang Heshan said, “I originally thought that the concepts of blockchain and NFT would be very complicated, and it would be very troublesome to operate, but the result was unexpected.”

Written by: NEAR Chinese Community

From July 17th to 25th, 2021, the annual Taobao Crafts Festival will be staged at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As a gathering place for young people’s creativity, this creation festival will once again present many unexpected brain artifacts to everyone. Among them, the NFT digital artwork, which has been popular among many trendy players, will also make its debut on Taobao Creation Festival. Huang Heshan, a young designer who graduated from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and has a unique “socialist cyberpunk” temperament, will bring his NFT works to meet everyone. The blockchain development platform NEAR Protocol and Web3Games will provide technical support for this NFT exhibition.

Digital artwork appears on Taobao Maker Festival, designer Huang Heshan and NEAR release NFT

Artists start to embrace NFT

NFT is a non-homogeneous token, and it is also a technical standard on the blockchain, which has the characteristics of indivisibility, irreplaceability, and uniqueness. Generally speaking, the types of tokens on the blockchain platform are divided into two types: homogenization and non-homogeneity. Usually, the things we hear most like Bitcoin and Ethereum are homogenized tokens, that is, each Bitcoin is not different from each other and can be exchanged. Non-homogeneous tokens are just the opposite. It is said that there are no two identical leaves in the world, nor two identical NFTs.

It is precisely because of its unique and irreplaceable characteristics that it can be bound to some commodities and assets in the real world. In other words, it is actually a digital asset issued on the blockchain. This asset can be game props, digital artwork, tickets, ID cards, document certificates, etc., and it is unique and cannot be tampered with. Because NFT has natural collection attributes and is easy to trade, crypto artists can use NFT to create unique digital artworks. Many domestic and foreign artists have successively made attempts in this field, using NFT to release their digital art works, and the young artist Huang Heshan is one of them.

Digital artwork appears on Taobao Maker Festival, designer Huang Heshan and NEAR release NFT

Huanghe Mountain, a northern drift artist born in a small southern county. The works have solid research skills and are not lacking in interest. The “Wild Design” series is the result of his research in villages in cities and towns across the country. After being exhibited at the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, he was a big success. He took advantage of the victory and launched the “Fake IKEA” and “Bald Lifu Series”. Huang Heshan studies the aesthetics of the local tastes of Chinese streets and explores the original driving force of “wild design.” Its logic is highly compatible with the local culture of “barbarous growth” on the Internet. This cyberpunk style dominated by rural non-mainstream culture Expressed incisively and vividly in Huangheshan’s works.

Digital artwork appears on Taobao Maker Festival, designer Huang Heshan and NEAR release NFT

The digital artwork “Bald Lifu” released by NEAR this time is a virtual character IP created by Huangheshan. Mr. Bald is a bald big money, and he is a fan of music ghost Hua Chenyu and creative talent Zhu Jingxi. As a real estate tycoon, “Tu Lifu” has a limited education level, but he is worried about the world and he wants to provide real estate for people with poor economic conditions. The theme of the NFT exhibited this time is a set of real estate, named “Not Bald Garden.” Huang Heshan explained that “the reason the real estate is so named is to hope that everyone will never have to worry about not being able to buy a house and be bald.”

Digital artwork appears on Taobao Maker Festival, designer Huang Heshan and NEAR release NFT

Speaking of the cooperation with technology providers NEAR and Web3Games, Huang Heshan expressed his excitement, “I thought that the concepts of blockchain and NFT would be very complicated, and it would be very troublesome to operate, but the result was unexpected.” In fact, this This is the first time that Huang Heshan uses NFT to publish and sell its own works. “Seeing some of your friends are using NFT, so come and experience it.” With the support of NEAR, the final effect is very close to that of the traditional Internet. Operation experience, “Users only need to place an order on Taobao, and then receive a link containing NFT digital artwork. If you already have a NEAR account, you can directly receive it. If not, just follow the prompts and complete it in a few simple steps. “

In addition to the user experience that is simple to use and close to the traditional Internet, the low casting cost is also one of the reasons why Huangheshan chose to cooperate with NEAR. It turns out that the artist casts NFT on the chain, and every time it is cast, a certain fee is required. “The cost of casting an NFT on Ethereum is hundreds or thousands of dollars too expensive. NEAR only costs a few cents and is very suitable.”

Huang Heshan said that traditional art auctions are one-off, and artists can only charge a single transaction fee. The technical standard of NFT can not only better determine the copyright, but also can continue to benefit artists by virtue of the royalty-sharing function. At present, Huangheshan continues to write the story of “Bald Lifu”, and plans to further test NFT-related meta universe products.

NFT began to enter the mainstream public’s field of vision

Not only artists, more and more users have become fans of NFT, and they have become NFT collectors. Affected by this, the price of NFT has also begun to continuously set new records. According to statistics, there have been 10,000 to 20,000 buyers every week since the beginning of March. The most prolific NFT sales were “Everydays: The First 500Days” by the famous artist Beeple, which was previously held at Christie’s in March. It was sold for an astonishing US$69 million.

“NFT collections are gradually becoming a popular element, and more and more young people are beginning to join in and become NFTers.” said Amos, head of NEAR Asia Pacific. “NFT is very innovative, and Huang Heshan’s work is unique, with strong appeal and the attributes of native digital art. It is also based on these considerations that we decided to launch related products with Huang Heshan and participate in this Taobao Creation Festival.”

Digital artwork appears on Taobao Maker Festival, designer Huang Heshan and NEAR release NFT

However, compared with the Internet industry or the volume of the traditional art collection circle, NFT is still a niche thing, and one of the main reasons restricting its development is that the user threshold is too high. To use traditional blockchains based on Ethereum, you need to understand cryptographic concepts such as hash and public-private key pairing, and you also need to register the mobile phone or browser plug-in wallet in advance, which creates difficulties for Xiaobai users in understanding and operation.

NEAR adopts a progressive security design. App developers have a variety of development model choices and can completely hide the complex parts of the blockchain. NEAR’s account model is also very friendly to ordinary users. The account name is readable and easy to remember, rather than a string of random characters like other blockchain platforms. Take the “Bald Lifu” NFT digital artwork released by Huangheshan at the Taobao Creation Festival this time as an example. Users do not need to register for a NEAR account in advance. They only need to take a digital artwork on the Taobao store and receive a link. Follow the prompts to complete the remaining steps automatically.

Digital artwork appears on Taobao Maker Festival, designer Huang Heshan and NEAR release NFT

NEAR: A bridge connecting the Internet and blockchain

As the technical support for the Yellow River Mountain to issue digital artworks at the Taobao Maker Festival, NEAR played an important role in lowering the barriers to the use of blockchain and promoting the acceptance of the NFT technology by the mainstream. Simply put, NEAR is a highly scalable and easy-to-use blockchain development platform. NEAR’s team is composed of a number of serial entrepreneurs and world-class engineers. They have worked in well-known technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. They have extensive industry experience in building distributed systems.

NEAR’s engineering team also has strong scientific research capabilities and has won many world-class computer programming competition awards, including ACM-ICPC global champion, Google Code Jam champion and runner-up, Top Coder champion and so on. At the same time, NEAR has won the support of many top VC institutions such as A16Z, Pantera, Coinbase, Dragonfly Capital, Baidu Ventures, etc.

Amos, head of NEAR Asia Pacific, said, “NEAR, as an emerging blockchain development platform, has always been committed to making the unintelligible blockchain technology available to everyone, and I hope to find more and more Real landing scenes such as the Taobao Creation Festival have allowed blockchain technology to be more widely used in people’s lives.”

In fact, NEAR has achieved certain results in exploring the use of blockchain and NFT. There are many applications developed based on the NEAR platform that play a role in people’s lives. For example, Canned Herring, a graphic social software with more than 1.5 million users, recently released the “Canvas War” function through NEAR, allowing users to create together on a blockchain-based canvas and open up various brains. The works are made into NFT.

Mintbase, the NFT platform developed by NEAR, has also recently provided technical support for the famous German music festival Wilde Moehre, combining the field with the meta-universe and integrating the real world with the virtual world. It is full of creativity. The tickets for this music festival were also made into NFT through Mintbase. While reducing channel loss, it eliminated fake tickets and scalpers, and provided the audience with a better participation experience.

Amos, the head of NEAR Asia Pacific, said, “NFT is not just digital artwork. As a technology, it can empower all walks of life. NEAR’s goal is to become a bridge between the Internet and the blockchain, allowing the district The blockchain technology is available to everyone.”

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