Double Chain, selected as an innovative company in the DNA field by the Ministry of Science and ICT


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Kim So-yeon] Double Chain, which developed Oasis Block, a data trading platform between heterogeneous assets, was selected as an innovative company in the DNA field in the ‘2020 Super-Connected Intelligence Era DNA Innovation Company’ survey conducted from August to December 2020. .

The research on innovative companies in the DNA field was organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and conducted by the Korea Institute for Information, Intelligence and Social Studies (NIA), and a number of excellent companies are surveyed and selected every year.

The’Innovative Companies in the DNA Field in the Age of Hyper-Connected Intelligence’ is the basis for establishing policies by identifying the status of services and innovations of companies related to data, network, and artificial intelligence (AI), which are the core infrastructures leading the era of hyper-connected intelligence. This report is published by the Korea Intelligent Information Society Promotion Agency for use as data.

The Ministry of Science, ICT, and ICT survey was conducted from August to December of last year in parallel with surveys using e-mail, telephone, and fax and an in-depth survey of major excellent companies, and surveyed 4986 companies, including small and medium-sized companies or startups. By classifying companies with technological economic power or high potential for growth through innovation activities and companies providing related services through technological innovation, 60 innovative companies by DNA field were selected (a total of 180) and the results were announced.

The results of this survey are of great significance in the detailed investigation and analysis of basic data necessary for policy establishment in the DNA field, which is the core of the 4th industrial revolution, and the Ministry of Science and ICT plans to materialize customized support policies necessary for the growth of DNA companies based on this. Said.

Double Chain, selected in the network field, is a company with various patent technologies and development experiences related to blockchain, including the first domestic blockchain industry to register an IoT patent in the US, and is also a developer of the next-generation data trading platform Oasis Block. Doublechain launched the Oasis Block DeFi service website’OSBCamp’ in February with the Oasis Foundation, and plans to update new functions and wallets that allow exchanges between heterogeneous assets soon. In addition, a business agreement was signed with Jangul, a virtual asset information portal based on publicly disclosed data.

Double Chain has been recognized for its technology through the selection of an innovative company in the DNA field of 2020 by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and furthermore, it intends to establish itself as a global leader in the blockchain industry. He announced that he expects the importance of blockchain to become more prominent with the entry into the protocol economy in the future.

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