ECOMI, OMI token listed on BitMax


[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] Digital asset trading platform Bitmax (BTMX) announced on the 4th that it has listed the OMI token (OMI) as an OMI/USDT trading pair on March 2 at 9 am (EST).

ECOMI is at the forefront of the mass-market digital collectible space. Their app, VeVe, offers the most comprehensive digital collectible experience with premium format 3D digital collectibles from the world’s top brands. OMI tokens support the economy of Economy Collect and are required for the sale and purchase of digital collectibles and other digital goods within the VeVe app.

Digital streaming, gaming, and in-app purchases are all multi-billion dollar markets, and another one that can join this digital trend is the pop culture and collectibles industry. VeVe is a premium digital 3D model that brings the real world of collection into the digital realm, allows users to place it in a virtual showroom, trade or sell in the retail market, share it on social feeds, and view all 3D content in AR. Provides a formal collection.

VeVe works with leading licensees offering digital collectibles from more than 70 brands, including Batman, Superman, Harlequin, Wonder Woman, Ultraman, Back to the Future, NFL, MLB, Ghostbusters and more.

As a lot of things happen in the NFT space, BitMax will list OMI tokens to be used in VeVe apps. This listing highlights Bitmax’s commitment to supporting the rapid growth of the NFT ecosystem.