Enjin Coin Launches Unity SDK – Mass Adoption With Blockchain Gaming?


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Is the era of blockchain gaming finally upon us? Enjin Coin has announced a partnership with Unity to introduce millions of existing game developers to blockchain development.

Unity is one of the most popular game development platforms ever. Effectively, more than three Unity games have been installed for every single person on earth. Over half of all mobile games run on Unity. Now, Unity’s going full blockchain with Enjin Coin.


ENJ recently spiked 200% on news that it was compatible with the Samsung S10. They announced the launch of a partnership with Unity, which will include a software development kit for Unity developers. The testnet version of the SDK will soon be available to Unity developers via Unity’s asset store.

Everyone talks about how gaming is the next major frontier for blockchain development. No one’s sure what that looks like. This might just be what it looks like. Unity is represented on every major gaming platform, from mobile devices and computers to things like Xbox One and Playstation. The advent of independent game marketplaces like Steam further increases the likelihood that serious games will soon be using some form of blockchainization. One of the most obvious use-cases for blockchain in gaming is the acquisition and ownership of assets.

Enjin Coin is the leader in blockchain gaming, and its CTO Witek Radomski invented the ERC-1155 standard. 1155 takes all the features of ERC-20 and ERC-721 and mashes them together.

The biggest draw for the standard is that it decreases the cost of issuing and transferring non-fungible (unique) tokens. Since it allows for the creation of both fungible and non-fungible assets, some see it as superior to either of the existing standards.

Known as the “Multi Token Standard,” ERC-1155 enables developers to create unlimited fungible (identical) and non-fungible (unique) assets with a single smart contract — resulting in faster transaction times, significantly lower gas fees, and the ability to mass produce tokens with minimal effort.


Will the next generation of gamers simply have an expectation of owning their characters and in-game items? Image from Shutterstock.

The age of the blockchain means that gamers who invest endless hours and dollars into their gaming experience aren’t left empty-handed when they decide to move on – assets issued on Enjin Coin have a deterministic value in ENJ, which can be liquidated if the user is unable to find a market for them.

Simply making an SDK available to developers isn’t enough to guarantee major games with blockchain integration.

Moving forward, Unity & Enjin will be launching an aggressive co-marketing campaign to gain maximum traction among Unity’s community of millions of leading-edge developers.

Will the next generation of gamers simply have an expectation of owning their characters and in-game items? Gaming has already come a long way in the past two decades. Importantly, it wasn’t very long ago that simply being able to download a game from an official source was a rarity or a lack of online multiplayer capability was acceptable.

Gamers expect both aspects these days. If gamers get a taste of digital asset ownership, we get one step closer to the world of Ready Player One (without the dystopian backdrop).


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