EOS, which started early in the DeFi market, seems to be in a late episode


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The explosion of DeFi has driven the rise of Ethereum, and EOS, which is also a public chain, has been unable to rise in price. In the EOS ecosystem, DeFi projects such as DFS, BOX, and OGX have also reached 10 times the coin. It seems that the rise of EOS is not because it has not caught up with the DeFi car, but for another reason.

In the current EOS ecosystem, the EOS DeFi sector has the best growth trend. The token prices of other sectors are relatively weak, and even EOS itself has been slow to rise. Therefore, if you invest in EOS ecology, at present, apart from the DeFi sector, there are no other good sectors worthy of attention.

In EOS DeFi, DFS, BOX, OGX, etc. are the better ones. From the price point of view, these are 10 times + currencies. Among them, the main function of Dafengshou and Dabao is flash exchange. In the white paper, it has been mentioned that in addition to flash swaps, there will also be stable currency minting, mortgage lending and synthetic assets.

At present, whether it is Dabao or Dabufeng, mortgage lending and synthetic asset agreements have not yet been launched. It can be said that these are also two more important functions, and also two important sections. They are more anticipated functions besides flash swaps. .

Especially borrowing, it can be said that it is just needed. After all, the tokens on EOS are gradually increasing. There is a market demand for borrowing one currency by collateralizing another currency. If you are optimistic about the price of DFS, you can pledge EOS to obtain DFS. The borrowed DFS can be used as a band or market, etc. Borrowing can activate idle assets in your hands and maximize the value of your assets. For example, in the above example, it is not necessary to directly sell EOS to exchange for DFS, but obtain DFS by staking EOS, and then use DFS for other investments.

Therefore, whether it is a big treasure or a bumper harvest, it is only doing a good job in flash cash, and there should be great potential in the follow-up.

Compared with the EOS price itself, it is obvious that the recent rise of EOS DeFi coins is still good, and many EOS DeFi products require EOS. For example, market makers need EOS, whether they want to use “EOS+KEY”. The market still uses “EOS+USDT” to make the market. It doesn’t work without EOS, and EOS is often brought with it in some pledge mining, such as diamond mining some time ago.

It can be seen that EOS DeFi has promoted the demand for EOS tokens. It stands to reason that the price of EOS should also increase with the development of EOS DeFi. But why is the price of EOS not rising? Let me share my views below.

Although EOS DeFi has indeed increased the demand for EOS, it is not enough. After all, there are more than 1 billion EOS. Based on the current volume of EOS DeFi, there is still some distance from raising the price of EOS. A DeFi project that can be obtained can be counted by five fingers. Most of the people who participated in EOS DeFi are basically people who already have EOS in their hands, or they just brought EOS from the exchange to the wallet to participate in EOS DeFi, and there are not many people who buy EOS in large quantities from the secondary market. Come to participate in DeFi, EOS DeFi is far from so popular.

Although the last DMD project caused a rapid increase in the demand for EOS and USDT in a short period of time, it quickly dropped. After all, the time for DMD pledge mining is limited, and people participating in EOS DeFi have become more and more. The more mature and sensible, the less FOMO is.

Moreover, the demand for EOS DeFi market making with EOS in hand is not so strong, and the market making rate of return is not high. Even if there are three or four mining, many coins dug out in the long run are of little value. It tends to return to zero, and the participants are also very sensible. They are often digging and selling. Everyone knows that this model will not last long.

The demand for market making is not as strong as expected. At least compared with the demand for ETH from the 1CO of the year, there is still a big gap in the level of demand. In the last wave of bull market, the project party directly required the use of ETH (or BTC) to participate. It is impossible to participate without ETH. This method of fundraising is a strong demand for ETH. And we know that the ICO was very popular at the time, and it skyrocketed after it went online. It needs to be grabbed, and the probability of grabbing is not high. Therefore, in the last wave of ICOs, the market demand for ETH was rigid. Due to the large number of ICO projects, the market demand for ETH was also relatively large, which ultimately promoted the skyrocketing price of ETH.

There is still a gap between today’s DeFi and the ICO of the year. Therefore, even though EOS DeFi is developing well, it has not greatly increased the price of EOS.

Moreover, the development of EOS DeFi is also restricted by the current EOS ecological development. After all, there are relatively few valuable tokens issued on EOS, and the exchange and even lending business volume between tokens will be correspondingly less. Therefore, the business scale of EOS DeFi is very limited in the short term.

Moreover, there are too many factors affecting the price of EOS. Due to Block One’s inaction, the market’s evaluation of EOS is very low. At the moment such a hot DeFi, Block One not only has no layout, but also has some excellent projects in the EOS community. Fang, B1 did not give substantive support whether it was technology or capital.

Even in the EOS community, more than 98% of people are basically dissatisfied with Block one. After all, Block one represents the official EOS public chain project, and their attitude is very important. Their irrelevant attitude towards EOS has made everyone lose confidence and even despair. Everyone has no confidence in Block one, and certainly no expectations of EOS. How can the price of EOS rise?

The downward pressure on EOS is too great. Relying on the current EOS DeFi alone will not be a big boost to the price.

So can the social application Voice drive the price of EOS?

Let’s take a look at Voice’s traffic situation through the similarweb website.

The traffic of Voice in August has dropped compared with the traffic in July. You must know that Voice opened up registration in August. Not only can we read the articles on Voice, but we can also register for Voice. After registering an account, of course You can also publish articles in Voice.

Moreover, each newly registered Voice account will have 10 invitation codes. It is reasonable to say that a large number of people have registered, and a large number of people have started to post in Voice, but from the traffic data monitored by similarweb, the traffic in August has not increased. , On the contrary, it has dropped, which also shows to a certain extent that the development of Voice has also encountered many problems. In the short term, it is not realistic for the rise of EOS price to rely on Voice.

The Voice built by Block one can’t promote EOS, so can you rely on EOS game DAPP? At present, although EOS game DAPP has advantages over other public chain game DAPPs, it is still far away from large-scale applications, and EOS game DAPPs are far from explosive.

So, in the current cryptocurrency market, if the price of EOS is going to rise, what does it depend on?

I think the key factor that affects the price of EOS lies in the actual behavior of Block One. If Block One can take some practical actions and have some substantial benefits to the EOS ecosystem, then the price of EOS will definitely rise, no matter what BM’s positive EOS statement on Twitter can still promote EOS prices. This at least proves that their influence is still there, so for EOS, the follow-up actions of B1 are still very important.

After all, people’s psychological expectations still account for a large proportion of the factors that affect the price of cryptocurrencies. This is a fact that you have to admit when investing in cryptocurrencies. The prices of those currencies that do not have actual prices are still rising outrageously. EOS still has a lot of practical value. Why doesn’t the price always rise? Isn’t it because people don’t have confidence in it or expectations? And all of this has a lot to do with Block one, after all, EOS is issued by them. They represent project officials, and their actions affect people’s confidence and expectations.

If B1 is indeed the same as before, ignores the community, and wants to promote the rise of EOS price, it must rely on the efforts of the community. Judging from the current hot spots, EOS DeFi must reach a considerable scale to be possible. , But we also mentioned earlier that EOS DeFi will be restricted by the development of the EOS ecosystem, and the EOS ecosystem will not have a major development in the short term, so EOS DeFi has a limited role in promoting EOS prices.

Block one is the lever that promotes the rise of EOS price. As long as they exert a little effort, EOS price will have a more obvious performance.

Therefore, for EOS holders, if they want to make money in the EOS ecosystem, they still have to pay more attention to the currency of the EOS DeFi sector, and they want to rely on EOS itself to achieve an increase in wealth, at least for now. Most likely.