Established ‘Busan Blockchain Business Center’ with 15 companies including Medium and Daeyoung Chaevi

Established ‘Busan Blockchain Business Center’ with 15 companies including Medium and Daeyoung Chaevi

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The largest blockchain business center in Northeast Asia to be established in Busan

Medium announced on the 22nd that it had signed an investment memorandum of understanding (MOU) worth 500 billion won with Busan City on the 21st to build the Busan Blockchain Business Center (BIBC) with 15 companies including NHN, Tesla Korea, Brave Entertainment, and Daeyoung Chabi.

BIBC is an international business center that will become a key driving force for the creation of a blockchain industrial complex in Busan, a special blockchain zone. Medium supports research and technology development and investment for the development of the blockchain industry, and creates an ecosystem for the revitalization of blockchain business of participating companies.

Business center participating companies include Medium, NHN, Tesla Korea, Brave Entertainment, Daeyoung Chaevi, Fang Sky, Let Games, Growwin, Doobitnaraesoft, Data Labs, Petdak, Wayne Technology, Landover, Crude CM, Codexbridge, etc. 15 dog company. These companies are aiming to discover blockchain-based commerce and payment businesses, digital content research institutes, research on futuristic electric vehicle charging platforms, and construction of futuristic automobile exhibition halls.

Busan City provides support for site development and building-related permits and permits. The city is expecting economic revitalization effects such as the creation of 30,000 jobs through the establishment of a blockchain business center and new corporate infrastructure. When blockchain solutions are introduced in industrial fields such as maritime ports, distribution, and logistics, the technological advancement of Busan’s traditional industry is expected to become possible.

Pan-Jong Kim, CEO of Medium, who is in charge of the overall project, said, “As it has proven its ultra-high-speed blockchain technology, it will be able to greatly contribute to the revitalization of the Busan block chain special zone.” I will do my best to be able to stand there,” he said.

To this end, Medium plans to move its headquarters from Seoul to Busan and focus on the BIBC construction project.

A Busan city official said, “We will spare no effort in economic and policy support so that Busan can leap forward as the largest blockchain hub in Northeast Asia.”

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