Ethereum opens super permissions? Litecoin renamed? Have you been fooled this April Fool’s Day?


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Because of the jet lag, this April Fool’s Day lasted for two days.

Organizing: Zhang Jingan

In the past two days, unbelievable news broke frequently, and then it was proved to be a joke on April Fool’s Day. The humor of the encrypted world, true and false, do you understand?

Ethereum developers submit EIP-3455 draft to open “super permissions” for users?

The Ethereum developers tweeted that they submitted the EIP-3455 draft, suggesting the introduction of the “SUDO” opcode to allow any sender address to recall the issued tokens. Currently, the draft is still in the open discussion stage. Specifically, the “SUDO” opcode parameter is the same as the “CALL”, and there is another parameter for specifying the sender’s address. The specific discussion specifications of “SUDO” include backward compatibility, test cases, reference implementations, and safety precautions.

What makes this joke more real or more interesting is that YFI founder Andre Cronje said, “EIP-3455 is more important than EIP-1559.” Ethereum engineer Anthon Sassano also said, “EIP-3455 will solve Many problems, willing to pay 1 million US dollars to achieve this goal as soon as possible.”

Litecoin was renamed BitcoinLite?

The Litecoin Foundation announced that Litecoin has been renamed BitcoinLite and the Twitter name has also been changed. The official reason for the name change is that it is logical to change “Litecoin”, which is the same as Bitcoin’s PoW, algorithm-led, and no pre-mining, to “BitcoinLite”. In addition, the official also elaborated on the inner meaning of “Lite”, inspired by the dairy products on the market, such as light butter and light yogurt, which provide healthier alternatives to the original products. BitcoinLite also means staying close to the original product Bitcoin, but at the same time being different.

In the end, the news that Litecoin was renamed was an April Fool’s Day Litecoin Foundation’s marketing campaign. At this time of April Fool’s Day, it is also a good idea to make Litecoin less boring.

The Ethereum Solidity team announced that each version of Solidity will be minted as NFT?

The Ethereum programming language Solidity team announced that 88 historical Solidity versions and new versions to be released later will be minted as NFTs. Each version will be minted only once, and the auction will be conducted in batches. Solidity stated that the funds raised will be used to fund development work related to Solidity, and NFT owners will be able to vote on this.

Mask Network was acquired by Facebook for US$20 billion?

The Mask Network developers tweeted that Mask Network (MASSK) was acquired by Facebook for US$20 billion. This is one of the largest acquisitions in Facebook’s history, and will also join the Facebook board of directors, continuing to work on the multi-chain world of Mask Network, including Libra.

Hot comments in the comment area “China is now April 2nd, (so this must be true).”

Musk is going to send Dogecoin to the moon?

Ethereum opens super permissions? Litecoin renamed? Have you been fooled this April Fool's Day?

Although it is a joke, Dogecoin has once again gone out of a big wave because of Musk’s “favor”.

Tennis superstar Roger Federer has bought $10 million worth of bitcoin?

Roger Federer has purchased 10 million US dollars worth of bitcoin, and after verification, the news is an April Fools’ Day joke.
Roger Federer is the longest consecutive singles in the history of the ATP world record for the first week (237 weeks, 2004-2008), in the Grand Slam men’s singles won 20 championships, 11 runner-up winners.

Teletubbies issue TubbyCoin tokens?

Teletubbies issued TubbyCoin tokens as a joke on April Fools’ Day. However, Teletubbies officially stated that fans sharing and using the “TubbyCoin” tag on social media will help donate to the “Children Assistance Hotline”. Each additional use will increase by 1 Canadian dollar, and will eventually donate 5000 Canadian dollars to 10,000 Canadian dollars.

Ethereum opens super permissions? Litecoin renamed? Have you been fooled this April Fool's Day?

India’s largest e-commerce company Flipkart accepts Bitcoin payments?

Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company, said that it will accept Bitcoin payments. Flipkart claims that it has more than 200 million users as of July, which means that the platform’s support for encrypted payments may be beneficial to the Indian market. This is contrary to the Indian government’s ban on private cryptocurrencies in the country. Flipkart later confirmed that it was an April Fools’ Day joke .

The large Swiss publisher Netzmedien AG uses Bitcoin to pay wages?

The large Swiss publisher Netzmedien AG announced that it will start using Bitcoin to pay employees’ salaries. This news is an April Fool’s Day joke .

The US SEC unexpectedly announced the approval of two Bitcoin ETFs?

Finance Magnates reported on April 1 that the U.S. SEC accidentally announced that it had approved the listing of two Bitcoin ETFs, but the SEC Twitter screenshot attached to the article clicked on to a Youtube music video, and the end of the report stated: “So far, Jay Clayton, the chairman of the U.S. SEC, has remained silent on this matter and only said one shocking sentence: Happy April Fools’ Day.”

Bitmain launches Antminer-Less, the first generation GPU miner?

Bitmain officially announced the launch of the first generation GPU miner Antminer-Less, a joke for April Fools’ Day. The end of the article is marked with the words “We published this article in the spirit of April Fools’ Day.”

Ethereum opens super permissions? Litecoin renamed? Have you been fooled this April Fool's Day?
In addition, the download name of the mining machine display on the official website is also “April-Fools-Post”.


There are many similar jokes. Maybe it is humorous for a while, or it may be a wave of enthusiasm at this time of April Fool’s Day. But we have seen many companies in the non-crypto industry participate, and cryptocurrency has once again come out of the circle. April Fool’s Day is coming to an end, but there are still true and false information, which is worth exploring.

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