Ethereum’s second-tier solution Arbitrum mainnet candidate version is online, simply understand the new features and progress planning


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The new testnet simplifies the Rollup protocol, upgrades the performance of the node software, and provides functions such as BLS signature, bridging between L1 and L2.

Original title: “Announcement | Arbitrum Mainnet Version Candidate Has Been Determined”
Written by: Offchain Labs
Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian

I want to take a deep breath and calm down my excitement. We have been so busy these few months, and now we can finally share our progress and roadmap with you. I will take you to experience a wild racing, please fasten your seat belts and we will “take off” immediately.

Testnet progress

We just released the fourth version of the testnet, which is our mainnet version candidate.

Please note that I will emphasize it again: this is our mainnet candidate! !

It has been 5 months since the release of this open, license-free testnet. We have benefited a lot from testing our software in a public environment and learning from our users. Therefore, thanks to every developer and user who has supported Arbitrum for providing us with valuable feedback. We are listening carefully.

This new testnet simplifies the rollup protocol, upgrades the performance of the node software, and provides some great new features, such as supporting BLS signatures to further reduce our L1 gas cost, and upgrading to support L1 and L2 The bridging function of general call.

What’s next

We are about to enter the next stage.

Before the mainnet goes live, the candidate version will continue to run on the testnet for a period of time. We will announce the list of partners on the mainnet later, so stay tuned!

Please join our Discord channel or follow us on Twitter for the latest developments.

What will the mainnet version look like?

Just like our testnet, the mainnet will be open and permission-free from the beginning. We believe that the value of the Ethereum ecosystem comes from a wide range of teams and applications. We neither advocate the survival of the fittest, nor favor one another. We are happy to support teams that build projects on Arbitrum. Arbitrum is a community project, you can build on it without our consent.

In the first few months of the mainnet launch, we will temporarily retain the ability to upgrade and suspend the operation of the system in order to respond to various security incidents. Although we have performed security checks on the code, we believe that we should proceed with caution before the mainnet is running stably. For the sake of honesty, we will refer to the initial version as the mainnet beta until we completely give up control of the mainnet. We will reveal more details as we approach the mainnet launch.

Why should you choose Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is currently the most optimistic Optimistic Rollup solution on the market.

  • The transaction cost on Arbitrum is usually 2000 to 3000 gas. The BLS signature scheme introduced in the candidate version can help developers further reduce costs.

  • Arbitrum is compatible with EVM at the bytecode level, so there is no need to rewrite the code or use any custom compiler or new tools to download. No matter what tool you use (eg, Truffle, Hardhat, Brownie), your Solidity/Vyper code will run the same.

  • Arbitrum breaks through Ethereum’s contract size limit and transaction gas limit. Want to deploy large-scale contracts on Arbitrum? no problem! Does a transaction consume more gas than the upper gas limit of the Ethereum block? No problem!

get ready

The mainnet is about to go live, what preparations should you make?

  • Build on the testnet! Please familiarize yourself with Arbitrum first, and you can use it after the mainnet goes online.

  • Help us test! Deploy your contract on our testnet and try some dApps.

  • Join our discord channel or follow us on Twitter to instantly receive our upcoming announcements.

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