Every move of Grayscale Trust is affecting Amber. Do you want to grayscale these days?


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The gray scale did not go to work these days, and the sudden sharp drop in the market caused Amber to panic. The market has been mercilessly smashed. In the past few days, the contract has exploded for more than 10 billion. This is also the largest amount of liquidation. And many people in Amber are discussing that it is precisely because Grayscale did not go to work, which gave the Air Force a perfect opportunity to attack, maybe so.

But overall, there are not many currencies that are closely related to Grayscale, and Bitcoin and Ethereum account for a large proportion. There are not many other currencies that have grayscale increase. However, when the market fell, the entire Amber was in turmoil and collectively dived. This has nothing to do with the gray scale, and it is mostly controlled by the dominant player.

After the market crash, a tweet from Grayscale gave the Amber market a bit of confidence, and the time for bargaining has arrived! These simple words have been forced and interpreted by various fans. Some say that Grayscale is the culprit, and some say that Grayscale quickly find someone to buy the bottom. On the other hand, Gray’s CEO Barry was straightforward and sent 2 tweets. One sentence was “Time is up, and the other is a hunter!”


Whether it’s true or not, this is from the official Twitter account anyway, and it also has a certain influence. In the past few days when the gray scale is not working, many people in the circle feel uncomfortable. It seems that Amber can’t play with the gray scale. This is a bit interesting.

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How long did everyone have a soft spot for grayscale? However, the performance of Grayscale in the past few months is really impressive. Not to mention the unlimited increase in Bitcoin, it is still calling for orders. It is indeed indispensable for their colleagues to learn about Bitcoin, and a lot of publicity and promotion as a foreshadowing, so that the general public in Europe and the United States can also learn about Bitcoin.

A single institution has such a powerful force, and there are many institutions like Grayscale on Wall Street that have not yet awakened. Of course, some have already stood up for Bitcoin, and some are subtly promoting Bitcoin. These are all ongoing thing. And the gray scale is real gold and silver configuration Bitcoin, currently holding 534115 Bitcoin, this number is still increasing.


But a big drop made Amber think of the good gray scale as a whole. Is this very representative? Perhaps when the spectators are used to the gray scale, it becomes very complicated. With the gray scale blessing, there is nothing to say. When they pushed up Bitcoin, they also made a lot of contributions to Amber. And once this push is lost, what will happen?

No one knows this, but now is the gray time! They should continue to come out to show and operate, and continue to let more people know about Bitcoin, which is also Humber’s current Dinghai Shenzhen. Work in grayscale, buy and buy. This is no longer a secret. Even the Air Force will find the right moment to do things, which shows that the leader behind it also knows that Grayscale will not be easily stopped buying and buying.

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At present, Grayscale holding currencies have also increased. Only four currencies were configured in the early stage. Now there are nine types of allocations. It also shows that Grayscale prefers not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also other mainstream currencies. Was favored. But the grapefruit was not selected, which is very strange.


The status quo of the market is very delicate. Some people think that it will fall, or at least it will be cut in half. Some people think that with the gray-scale blessing, it will rise and break through, and 20000 dollars are just around the corner. None of this is a problem. Speculation can also be accepted, but just don’t be driven by market sentiment, or you will become passive.

The market is always happy when you are accustomed to the gray scale increase. However, there will be both ups and downs. This is the complete market. Once there is a tilt, there will always be a period of time to repair. If it rises too much, it will be called back, and if it falls too much, it will rise. This is Amber, and it is not surprising.

Of course, most people like to rise, keep rising, and rise to new heights. But this also needs real money to promote. When Amber’s market value continues to increase, the subsequent funds needed will become more and more huge. So where does the funds come from? You can’t just rely on the institutions. They are not loving angels. They will always look for others. Source of funding.

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These actual situations have already emerged, and ordinary people in Europe and the United States have begun to increase amber, which is a steady flow of funds. So no matter how Amber walks, the result will be upwards. Before that, you must make sure that you are not scared out of chips. The rest is left to the time, there is nothing to worry about.

In the future, Grayscale will continue to purchase Bitcoin and other currencies. Do you have those currencies in your hands?

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