[Exclusive] Presidential Candidate Jae-myung Lee, Real Estate Development Promise ‘G-Coin’ Issuance Materialized

[Exclusive] Presidential Candidate Jae-myung Lee, Real Estate Development Promise ‘G-Coin’ Issuance Materialized


[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] In addition, Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung made a promise to pay real estate development profits based on the issuance of ‘G-Coin’ and announced it on the 15th.

According to data obtained by Blockchain Today through aides aides Lee, the announced promises are △Increasing the supply of housing for young people and newlyweds in downtown areas such as the Guryong Village Project △Real estate development profits will be returned to the public through coin issuance △3.11 million units The housing supply method is promoted by supplying Gangnam Guryong Village.

According to the pledge, Candidate Lee will supply 12,000 houses for the Guryong Village project, of which 5,000 will be supplied to young people and newlyweds at less than half price. included in giving. In particular, as previously known, candidate Lee became a hot topic when he announced that he would pay development profits through coin issuance.

Candidate Lee said, “Through the coin, a blockchain-based digital asset, the public can directly participate in the development project, so that the development profits can be shared. All citizens can participate in development projects through the issued blockchain.” .

Candidate Lee is reported to be promoting the revision of laws and systems related to the public participation and issuance of coins and investor protection in order to pay development profits through coin issuance, △Issuance and payment of coins linked to real assets in the development project to participating citizens.

According to the announcement, ‘G-Coin’, which will be issued to pay development profits, is a development project in which the public directly shares the profits of the public participation development project. The amount that can be participated per person is 500,000 to 1 million won, and the amount to be raised is 1.5 trillion won. We plan to give priority to self-employed and small business owners who are experiencing special losses due to COVID-19.

After the recruitment, G-Coins corresponding to the 1.5 trillion won entrusted to the bank will be issued. It is planned to pay 1,000 pieces to each participating citizen, and the initial price of G-Coin is expected to be 1,000 won.

When investing with G-coin, it is possible to easily securitize the investment, and the fact that it can be easily securitized through an exchange even before the real estate development project is completed is also highlighted as an advantage. In addition, unlike other stocks, trading in decimal units is possible and small-scale investment is possible.

Meanwhile, when Candidate Lee participates in the G-coin development profit payment project, KYC (Know Your Customer, customer confirmation procedure) will be conducted, and at this time, the NTH application that utilizes mobility data will also be used.

Participants can install Point and Token wallets through related applications, and through this, they can participate in the business.


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