Exploring the Internet of Assets with John Wu, President of Ava Labs


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John Wu, the president of Ava Labs, came from a traditional background in finance, including extensive work in fintech and hedge fund investing. Upon discovering Bitcoin, he realized that he could only invest in it personally and not for his clients, due to his fiduciary duty and an inefficient financial system. So he built Ava Labs. John now directs an ambitious team that’s developing an entirely new blockchain infrastructure, set to disrupt both traditional finance and pre-existing blockchains.

Scott Melker and John Wu further discuss discovering Bitcoin in 2013, the untapped world of alternative assets, taxi medallions, the internet of assets, the DeFi Petri dish, NFT’s, political polarization, the danger of big companies, the schoolyard vs. the comment section, trillions of dollars locked in an inefficient system, the ‘08 crash and DeFi, Mad Men investors and more.

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