#EZBITEX June 2019th Development Update


We have been following EZBitex on their development work. This is an announcement made by their CEO. Impressive development work for June.

Dear Fellow Avengers,

As we have entered the month of July we would like to share just some of the developing that we have done, we have achieved a lot however there are some things that we can not share, however, we have been doing many things to improve the platforms and connect with the related platforms. We share this info for the community in terms of transparency and further support towards our platforms.

We are here disclosing the one month work that we have been doing on the backend and front end to create a better experience for our users and the fully fledged banking platform.

Bitex is not sleeping, it is a yet unawakened Giant to be delivered.

We will share more with our supporters and ensure you that we will deliver every single promise that can be delivered in a timely manner.

Best Regards

Bitex CEO

Harith M