Fax Pool “Customer data leak, not true”


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jieun Lee] Recently, according to an anonymous online source, he discovered that he was trying to sell personal customer and employee data obtained from the cryptocurrency exchange Paxful. Cointelegraph reported this.

According to reports, a spokesman for the company said on the 9th (local time) that there is no risk of customer data leakage in Cointelegraph. “The customer’s data hasn’t been leaked in any way. “There was no data breach on the FaxPool platform,” he said. “The employee data that this person claims to have was illegally collected from a third-party provider that FaxPool used previously. “We have taken steps to ensure that our employees are not affected by this incident, and we are actively monitoring the situation as part of preventive measures.”

Earlier that day, someone posted a message titled’Information Leakage’ on the Telegram channel in Russian. The channel said, “A dump of the database of registered users and employees of the paxful.com peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform was sold to an English-speaking Shadow Forum.”

In this post, it is identified as part of the’dump’, which is known to have boasted more than 4.8 million cases, and includes phone number, name, address, etc.

Hacking and data breaches are uncommon in a world that is becoming more and more familiar with technology. Facebook recently hacked the data of more than 500,000 customers. Millions of people were affected by the notorious Equifax leak in 2017. Ledger, a cryptocurrency hardware wallet company, also encountered data hacking problems in 2020.

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