Filecoin forks before it goes live? Is it profit driven?


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Recently, Filecoin has not yet launched but is facing continuous voices of forks. Some miners are dissatisfied with the economic model released by Filecoin’s official protocol laboratory, including pledges and strict penalties, and they have the idea to fork Filecoin.

The concept of fork of digital currency is literal, and the new product derived from the original chain is fork.

Earlier, as the value of Bitcoin soared, the original block setting would cause a slow and congested situation, and the Bitcoin community’s views on “Bitcoin expansion” were inconsistent, because different concepts gave birth to N types The expansion plan cannot be unified among the various plans, which will lead to bifurcation.

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Since Bitcoin forked out of Bitcoin Cash in August 2017, various forked coins have emerged overnight, and even people in the industry have been unable to count how many forked coins have emerged. So far, the forked coin market has been chaotic.

Whether these forked coins will eventually surpass the status of Bitcoin is still unknown, but judging from the transactions of some forked coins, it is indeed not optimistic. Many forked coin teams are in a hurry and are in a hurry, perhaps not for the benefit of the amber public, but for other purposes. The essential concepts of blockchain and Bitcoin are no longer followed in the face of profit temptation. V丨ipfskefu

Let’s return to Filecoin. Filecoin was originally very complicated when it was designed, including complex copy proofs and space-time proofs, as well as a very complete reward and punishment mechanism. Although miners who want to fork can use Filecoin open source code to innovate and optimize, the technical level may be able to keep up with the official pace, but the economic model is a very large project, and they want the entire system to develop perfectly. Economic model It takes a lot of time.

At present, many people are engaged in forks. The fundamental reason is that the economic model officially modified by Filecoin has extended the release period of Filecoin tokens. The increased punishment is a major benefit for the entire ecosystem, but for some miners, It may touch its interests, increase the cost recovery cycle , and drive Filecoin to fork.

Another point is that Filecoin mining is indeed very complicated. Through the first round of space competition, we can see that companies that cannot mine coins emerge in an endless stream. Then for some companies that have over-sales in the early stage but do not have real technology, they will be online. It is a disaster. At this time, making a fork, stirring up the whole pond, and fishing in troubled waters are also driven by interests.

In fact, the Filecoin mainnet has not yet been launched, and it is completely meaningless to say that the fork is completely meaningless.

So, don’t panic about the Filecoin fork, time will tell us the correct answer. Moreover, it is still unknown whether it will appear, but if the news of the fork can give Filecoin an official reminder or a sense of urgency, it may not be a good thing!

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