Fire Chain Technology Helps Chongqing “Blockchain+” Western Digital Economy Industry Innovation Base Set Sail


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On September 25, the “2020 Western Digital Economy Industry Summit Forum” hosted by FireChain Technology was held in Chongqing by the Chongqing Big Data Application Development Administration, Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission, and the People’s Government of Yubei District, Chongqing. Held.

The theme of this forum is “Yushu Economic Belt, Fire Chain Creates the Future”. Leaders such as the Vice Mayor of Chongqing Municipality and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chongqing High-tech Zone Xiong Xue unveiled the “Fire Chain Digital Economy Industry Innovation Base”. This marks the full implementation of the full-cycle industrial ecology of the Huochain Technology blockchain in Chongqing.

The opening ceremony of the “Fire Chain Digital Economy Industry Innovation Base” was held at the forum

Western Digital Economy Industry Innovation Base Creates New Paradigm

With the development of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, the era of digital economy has quickly arrived. In his speech, Tang Chuan, secretary of the Yubei District Committee of Chongqing City, stated that the digital economy is the future of the world economy. Yubei District is committed to the construction of an innovative ecosystem and promotes digital industrialization and industrial digitization. Yubei District and Firechain Technology will build a digital economy industry innovation base, which is highly compatible with the future development of Yubei District, and will strongly promote innovation breakthroughs and application scenarios in Chongqing’s blockchain industry.

Zheng Weimin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in his video speech that the blockchain is a new infrastructure of trust in the era of digital economy. Without an engine of trust, it is difficult for the digital economy to achieve real development. At the same time, he expressed that he is very happy to see the rapid development and growth of emerging technology companies like Firelink Technology, and promote the development of the entire industry through the integration of production, education and research.

At the forum, Xiong Xue, Deputy Mayor of Chongqing Municipality and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chongqing High-tech Zone, Deng Xiaotie, a foreign academician of the European Academy of Sciences and Director of the CSIAM Blockchain Committee, Ling Fan, Deputy Director of the General Office of Chongqing Municipal Government, and Tang Chuan, Secretary of Yubei District Committee , Li Bin, deputy director of Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau, Kuang Jian, chief engineer of Chongqing Economic Information Commission, Xu Yongde, member of the Standing Committee of Yubei District Committee, and Yuan Yuming, CEO of FireChain Technology, jointly unveiled the “FireChain Digital Economy Industry Innovation Base”.

Yuan Yuming introduced that the base will be based on Chongqing Fire Chain, combining local development characteristics, with the overall development goal of building a “demonstrative national blockchain industry innovation base” and enriching the ecological circle on the Chongqing blockchain industry chain as its own responsibility. Assist the innovation breakthroughs and application scenarios of Chongqing’s blockchain industry.

Subsequently, the forum site also officially announced the establishment of the “Fire Chain Digital Economy Industrial Ecological Alliance”, which is a non-profit social organization jointly initiated by Chongqing Fire Chain and blockchain upstream and downstream enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions and other units. Xu Yi, deputy general manager of Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Fan Jin, head of Firechain Technology Industry Empowerment Center, introduced the future plan of the alliance.

火链科技助力重庆“区块链+” 西部数字经济产业创新基地起航

Fire Chain Digital Economy Industrial Ecological Alliance Strategic Signing Ceremony

It is worth mentioning that FireChain Technology, Silk Road Group, Micro Technology, Hengqin Knowledge Exchange, Xinyuan Group, Lianren International, China Industry Group, and Long Tesco, as the first batch of seven strategic cooperative enterprises, completed the FireChain digital economy. The strategic signing of the Industrial Ecological Alliance, the alliance will also cooperate with more outstanding blockchain companies in the future to build a benign blockchain ecosystem in Chongqing.

It is reported that Chongqing Firechain officially announced its establishment at this forum. In the future, it will deepen the Chongqing market and build a benchmark enterprise of Chongqing blockchain. At the same time, the Chongqing campus of Firelink University of Technology and the Chongqing branch of Firelink Technology Research Institute were officially launched.

火链科技助力重庆“区块链+” 西部数字经济产业创新基地起航

Opening Ceremony of Chongqing Firechain Technology Co., Ltd.

“Chongqing HuoChain is a new attempt for government-enterprise cooperation in the blockchain field. In the future, it will rely on innovation bases and industrial alliances to deepen the Chongqing market and build a benchmark enterprise in the blockchain field.” Yuan Yuming said.

Integrated development of digital economy and industrial innovation base

At present, human society is undergoing a digital transformation. As the “base” supporting the development of the digital economy, blockchain technology will enrich the various data elements required by the digital economy in an all-round way through data assetization and asset digitization, and realize digital A key breakthrough in economic innovation and development.

Deng Xiaotie said in the sharing of “Blockchain Applications and Challenges in the Great Development of Digital Economy” that blockchain is the key to achieving large-scale digital economy and social management automation, but still faces many challenges, including how to effectively provide blockchain supervision And governance, find suitable application scenarios, such as combining artificial intelligence technology.

Si Xueming, director of the Blockchain Specialized Committee of the China Computer Society, has an outlook on the development of China’s blockchain industry. He said that blockchain technology will be widely implemented in the real economy and become an important support for the construction of digital China. At the same time, the blockchain supervision and standard specification system will be further improved, and the industry development prospect is very broad.

The core of blockchain development is application-driven. In order to better promote the implementation of blockchain, the forum also carefully arranged the “industry keynote speech” session. Wu Chunling, chairman of the Education Branch of China Communications Industry Association, conducted the “Case and Practice of University Blockchain Training Platform”; Yuan Yuming released the new book “100 Cases of Blockchain Industry Application”, which includes 100 typical cases of government affairs, justice, finance, supply chain, etc., presenting the rich and broad application scenarios of blockchain.

In addition, the forum also held round-table dialogues on hot topics such as “Digital Economy and Industrial Innovation Base Development”, “Blockchain Talent Cultivation-Next Trends and Challenges”.

Previously, FireChain Technology announced the launch of the “FireChain China Tour” activity, which will carry out in-depth practice around the innovative application of blockchain in core cities such as Hainan, Beijing, and Chongqing. This time, it is the practice exploration of “Fire Chain China Tour” to cultivate Chongqing deeply.

“Next, FireChain Technology will use Chongqing as the fulcrum to fully integrate the digital economy and the form of an industrial innovation base, focusing on building a digital economic highland in Chongqing, thereby promoting the comprehensive development of the western digital economy industry.” Yuan Yuming expects that the industrial innovation base will be developed in the future. Successful experience radiates to the whole country, thus establishing a national blockchain application ecosystem.