“Floating profit is my 60-year salary”, is Amber heaven or hell?


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The original title: “My 60-year salary is the most when I am floating!” Is Amber heaven or hell? Who is the wealth given to 1.33 million times the income in 12 years? Watch 5 coin speculators confess

One day of amber, one year on earth.

7×24 global uninterrupted trading, no price limit, fluctuations of thousands of dollars at every turn, abundant leveraged tools such as futures and options, uneven trading levels of participants, unregulated trading, proliferation of insider trading, hype and black Mouth and follow the trend endlessly. Twelve years after the birth of BTC, the price of the currency has gone from 3 cents to the current highest of 40,000 US dollars. With negation, controversy, and suppression, it has created a rise of 1.33 million times.

The other side of the story is the endless risk of being amplified under the decentralized trading model. On the night of 312, 2020, Bitcoin plummeted from $7,900 to $3,600, a drop of more than 50%, and the contract liquidated over 14 billion yuan. And this is just the tip of the iceberg where wealth is shattered.

Even in the bull market, large-scale liquidation is also staged from time to time. On January 9th, after BTC fell below US$40,000/unit in the early morning, it frequently staged skyrocketing and slumping. On the evening of the 10th, it plummeted in a cliff-like manner. It plunged several times to nearly one thousand US dollars and pulled up several times. In the early morning of January 11, the price of Bitcoin plunged again by more than 12%, as low as $33,447, which is equivalent to a sharp drop of nearly $6,000 in one day, a 24-hour drop of more than 20%, 200,000 people liquidated their positions, and the amount of liquidated positions reached 13.7 billion.

After more than three years of pulling at the 10,000 U.S. dollar point, BTC has launched a magnificent bull market at the end of 2020. The current price of 40,000 U.S. dollars is more than twice the previous wave of new highs. Many troops have raised “to the With the banner of “moon”, the Air Force has not given up its stubborn resistance, dragging friction all the way, and BTC oscillating all the way to new highs.

However, among various exchange groups, the bustling “leeks” in the past are “quiet”, and the atmosphere has not yet become lively. A contract platform operator described it like this: BTC has been sold early, and now I dare not buy it, holding a hand of altcoins does not rise, and those who have gone empty have been empty.

This is a sleepless Shura market. There are giant whales like “Grayscale” holding hundreds of billions of dollars calling for wind and rain, and there are also “New Leeks” with a small bet of 100 yuan “ant warehouse” eager to try; most of them are piled up code and write programs day and night. The “brick-moving party” of high-frequency trading is not lacking in the “money-making party” that bucks the trend and invests to recharge their beliefs; some get rich overnight, some are waiting to get back their money, and some are gambled to lose their lives.

They meet in this market, fight each other, and write a very different ending.

Today, we cast our sights on these traders through the invisible market. There are professional traders with rich investment experience, exchange operators, the founder of Amber Quantitative Fund, Amber KOL, and blockchain. VC investors, as well as retail investors who are struggling in the market, may see you and me in their stories.

Third brother | Trying again is not rational, but a bet

28-year-old professional trader, 3 years of currency speculation

The 28-year-old third brother is known as “Returning Assistant” in Amber. He started trading stocks at the age of 14 and trading coins at the age of 25. He grasped both hands with both hands and has rich trading experience. In the introduction on Weibo, he said that he is a Buddhist analyst and only teaches techniques and not orders. He also built a personal knowledge planet with a group of fans of his own, known as the “bankruptcy group”.

The third brother talked about his experience in Amber these years.

As a professional trader, at the beginning of 2018, he faced a very real problem. A shares entered a long journey and had to find another opportunity to make a living. I was willing to open a new track and I happened to meet a college classmate who was Amber KOL. Then the two hit it off and rented a studio together and started to formally enter the Amber business.

Amber was also relatively sluggish at that time. Bitcoin fell from $20,000 to $6,000. I watched the market for a few days and found that the stock analysis tools are also applicable to Amber, and it even felt like a dimensionality reduction. Although Amber is in a gray area, various futures options and other tools are abundant and can be shorted. Moreover, BTC is a strong trend market, no matter whether it rises or falls, once the trend is formed, it will be difficult to end in the short term.

The first time I made money was in April 2018, and the rising market lasted for more than a month. The first transaction was to buy BTC at US$6,500 and EOS at US$4.2. It went from US$6,500 to US$9,200 to take profit. The first investment made about a year’s living expenses and officially established a long-term life in Amber Confidence in development.

Due to the lack of reference in Amber, I am purely technical analysis. I use the twist theory. I have been exposed to other theories, but all have their limitations. The twist theory is more like a system than a pure technical analysis. I should also be one of the first to apply the theory of winding to Amber. Of course, Amber has its own scope of adaptation. I combined my trading experience and made an adaptive modification based on the original theory, and even wrote it as a teaching assistant. During the transaction, I also tried other mainstream currencies, such as EOS, XRP, ETH, etc. However, with the improvement of transaction awareness, I will only do BTC later.

In terms of trading style, I mainly focus on spot trend trading, and supplement contract trading. The purpose of contract trading is to earn coins instead of earning excess profits. Spot trends hold. The advantage of this strategy is that it has strong stability. Once the trend is established, it will be a worry-free state for a long time. The disadvantage is that it may face repeated stop losses when encountering shocks.

There have been 2 painful mistakes in these years.

The first time was at the end of 2018. BTC dropped from US$6,000 to US$3,200 within a week, which was almost half-cut. At that time, I was right to fall and I shorted at the $5800 point. However, I did not expect to fall so strongly, at 4800. The U.S. dollar flattened out and began to try to buy bottoms, and the result was as low as $3,200.

This time I lost about half of my principal in the process of continuous bargaining. This is the first painful lesson, telling me not to bargain hunting. This incident has a great influence on my trading style in the later period. As a result, I basically don’t make bottom-out moves and trade on the right side honestly.

The second thing is to do XRP in 2019. One night, BTC fell from US$13,900 to US$9,800. My XRP contract position was liquidated overnight. In fact, the contract leverage is only 5X, but I still can’t hold more than 20 mainstream coins. The point plunged. After this incident, I never touched any non-mainstream contracts again, and I focused on BTC ever since. Because only by being familiar with a variety can you know its ups and downs. A person’s energy is limited, so doing a good variety is more important than having more flowers.

Let’s talk about a more thrilling case of bargaining. Because of the first point I mentioned above, I basically won’t make bargains, but there is one exception, that is the night of 312 Bitcoin “suicide” in 2020. I did a bottom hunt that night, but the first copy was $7,800, and a few minutes later, only $5,800 was left. So I made a second dip and only $3,800 was left the next day.

I calculated that my cost was around US$6,500. As a result, there was only US$3,800 left in BTC. In fact, my heart was extremely tormented. At this time, I chose to unplug the network cable to calm down for a day and delete the trading APP. Later, after a week of suffering, the price of the currency went back again. Of course, in the middle, I also kept brushing the contract to reduce costs. At that time, I thought about the worst plan, which is to not make money in 2020.

The reason why I did not continue to buy bottoms but chose to pull the network cable was because my risk control standards did not allow me to try a third time. Trying again is not rational, but a bet. In fact, I didn’t want to continue to buy the bottom at that time, and there was also a fear in it. After all, global risk assets were plummeting at that time, and when the end was still far away, so I was ready to invest this little money, and I was ready to take the plunge.

So, it’s actually not easy to get it from that time to now. I also reduced my position twice in the middle. The first time I reduced my position was around 13,000 USD, the second time was around 19,000 USD, and the amount of BTC in my hand is only March’s. About 40%, the rest can be obtained now. I think it is impossible to get it without a brain death.

Now I will use the winding theory to determine the buying and selling points and the frequency of opening orders is maintained at about 15-20 orders a month. The income in 2020 is about 10 times. Another part of my income is paid by members of Knowledge Planet, because the income of traders is non-linear and there is no fixed salary. Knowledge payment is a very stable method. Although the proportion is not high, the price is stable.

Another vision is to cultivate some excellent amber traders. I hope to cultivate a group of talents with excellent psychological quality and technical standards. After 3 years of training, I have indeed seen a group of traders who can stand alone, have their own operating system and do not exceed the rules.

I still advise all young people that Bitcoin is a high-risk asset and must use less leverage and more cash.

Ding Dong | People who have stepped in the air have been in the air, relying on position and mentality to control

COO of a contract trading platform, 5 years of trading experience

In 2016, after I resigned from Alipay, I accidentally came into contact with Bitcoin, so I tried it out with 6000 yuan. The life of a programmer is relatively monotonous, that is, every month he goes to work to get his salary, and he gets a bonus at the end of the year. The bonus may be tens of thousands of yuan at a time, and it is nothing to lose 6,000 yuan. At that time, I didn’t read the disk and didn’t understand the technical indicators. Two months later, I found that 6000 became 30000, which felt amazing.

At that time, there were bitcoins and altcoins in a mess. After earning 30,000 yuan, I bought some randomly. After a few months of lying down, it became 300,000 yuan.

In 2017, ICO was very hot. I still don’t understand. I bought it in a silly way. I also did some spot leverage. By the end of 2017, it had a floating profit of more than 7 million at the highest point. Later, I sold it when the Great Falls fell to more than 5 million. It’s lost, and it’s less than 2 million, which is still very distressing.

2018 and 2019 are basically bear markets, and I am basically paddling. In 2018, I started to study technical indicators, transaction data, etc. At that time, unlike the current platforms, there are indicators such as big data, long-short ratio, and capital rate. Because I used to be a programmer, I like to delve into it, and I found some rules. In October 2018, I made a contract with another friend. Later, I felt too tired to watch the market every day. So I wrote a tool to help us watch and analyze the market. For example, which point did not exist before the liquidation, and what point. How many shots have been exploded, where are there orders, etc.?

After we made this, we found that many people can use it. At the end of 2018, we started to make firm offers. From October 2018 to April 2019, we found that there was too much work to do, so we went out to look for investment, and then we opened a company as a contract platform.

But in this process, I am still quite confused about trading. In 2016, 2017, I made money by luck, but I didn’t make money after learning a lot of technology in 2018 and 2019. I started to reflect at this time, and now I conclude that trading is more dependent on mentality, and has little to do with technology and strategy. When you are indifferent to the ups and downs, you may make the most.

What is more impressed is that on the night of 312 in 2020, I opened a hedge policy at the $9100-8900 point, and did not lose money in the crash. At that time there were also bargain hunters, but they couldn’t hold it later. In fact, I have observed that no one can hold it. It has risen from more than US$3,000 to more than US$6,000. When I want to go short, I will inevitably be liquidated.

My earnings this year outperformed the BTC growth rate, but it can only be said to be average. Because now is a bull market, too many people earn more.

I feel that I have not yet started in trading, and I am more accurate in judging trends. One may be because I have not been trading for a long time and my mentality is not mature enough. Second, it may be because I am good at math and I am more imaginative. I am more sensitive to numbers. Sometimes people think that the price is beyond expectations when it reaches a certain point. I am not likely to be disturbed by these.

At the beginning of the coin speculation, I didn’t know the skills and I could make money. Later, I learned a lot of technology, but I didn’t make much money. Now I go back to my roots and rely on imagination, basically avoid talking about technology, live by thinking, and control by position and mentality.

It may be a little false to say that everyone has a different mentality, some are more radical, and like to bet big. The advantage of this is that if you do a market right, you will make a lot of money, but you will lose a lot of money if you make a mistake. . I used to be a programmer and I was relatively conservative. Once you have entered your own money-making market, it is easy to stop profit and don’t want to bear the risk of callback losses, which is not conducive to getting rich.

So I am now thinking that there is nothing wrong with being conservative, but sometimes, such as this kind of bull market, it is necessary to treat part of the profit as unprofitable. I think it is more valuable to gamble. I think it is these things that need to be fixed in my mind.

How to look at the current market, this is the place to be combined with mentality. When BTC broke through 20,000 at the end of December, it was already a new high, but I found that many people sold it at 8,000 USD. Even if it’s the so-called “coin-tuning party”, of course I never think that the “coin-tuning party” or the “coin-speculating party” is higher or lower. Many people I know who can hold it all sold it for 16,000 dollars. For BTC, whether it is the boss of the mine, the boss of the company, or the so-called “big family”, the slightly higher ones are sold at $19,000.

I feel that people who have sold BTC for more than $16,000 will not buy it at $24,000. It is basically this mentality: I want to step back on 20,000 and a few hundred to buy again, because I am afraid that it will fall after 24,000. So after the BTC price reached 24,000 US dollars, many people still went short, so BTC broke through 30,000 US dollars in one breath, and then this wave of people still went short.

Then many people said that they wanted to wait until the callback reached 26000 before buying. At that time, BTC did step back a bit. But in terms of technical form, each decline in the past would fluctuate for a few days, but this time it was different. It quickly rose and continued to new highs, so many people have been vacant until now. It was sold for $16,000, and when it came to $35,000 or even $40,000, half of it could not be bought. This is a very real situation.

It’s cruel to think about it. Bitcoin worth more than ten thousand dollars was just a month ago. I want to ask me what I think. First, the short-term trend of BTC. To be honest, I don’t know. I think any technical analysis is nonsense. It doesn’t make much sense for the dealer to harvest a wave of “multi-army” or “air force”. Wouldn’t it be good for people to pull more than 100,000 and then smash it? But you said that it is possible that more than 40,000 can fall to 20,000 or 30,000. So I think the certainty of BTC now is that people with less than 20,000 chips will not be sold if they are killed, and those with less than 20,000 can only cry. This is the status quo of the bull market.

Why did it rise? I don’t know. Why did you say the house price is rising? There is no point in analyzing what institutions are bulls and gray bulls. If you have not bought BTC, it is useless to say these. Many people analyze a lot of truths. When you ask him if he has BTC, he says no. What’s the point of this? Many people say that BTC can rise to $200,000 each, so why don’t you dare to buy it now? This kind of analysis is the same as entertainment news, not helpful.

There is another interesting thing. In the past, every time Bitcoin reached more than 8,000 US dollars, discussions in various groups were very active. Now it is more than 30,000, and it is still not active. Why? Because most people are out of their way. In the bear market, for every US$1,000 increase, the technical party has tried all kinds of analysis and thought it was so powerful. The bull market is coming, most people sell it at $16,000, and then the price of Bitcoin is $5,000. What else is there to say?

BTC was sold early, and now I dare not buy it, and I am not going to rise with a hand of altcoins. There is no use for all the technology.

The current contract market has not been more active, and many people are afraid to place orders. Because the amplitude of several thousand dollars is very frequent now, it is normal that there is no sound in the market now. The market is sometimes like metaphysics. Let’s put it this way. If the price of BTC can be calculated, why is it that when it rises to more than 20,000, most people are looking at the correction rather than the new high. If you can make money by reasoning, everyone makes money.

But now the market style is still different from before. It used to be at least two callbacks after the sharp rise. Now it has risen directly. A needle may be inserted, but it will rise quickly. It hardly gives you the opportunity to get on the car again.

Big Bitcoin player | Most “analysts” are very watery

Amber KOL, ETH contract real rate of return 11.570.96%

Four years of amber trading experience, three years of contract trading experience, No.1 contract yield. The real trading time of ETH on the digital currency contract trading platform is 542 days, and the total return rate is as high as 11570.96%. He talked about how to build his own trading system in 4 years, starting from 5,000 yuan.

I have been doing contract trading for three years, and I usually communicate with fans on my Weibo. After I have gained a certain reputation in the industry, I have accumulated many loyal fans. They will often ask me questions about the transaction and when will it open? single? What should I do if I fall? Can you chase empty? What to do if it goes up? Can you catch up? If the point is not reached, can you reduce the point requirement…

At this time, I will always ask a rhetorical question, on what basis did you open this order? Most of the answers received were that the analyst said that there would be big fluctuations and the points were given, or I felt that it was going up, I felt that it was going down, etc.

These problems are more common. I think I need to remind newbies not to be fooled. The old man in Amber knows that most of the analysts are very watery, and they are eating customer losses under the banner of bringing orders. That is to say, the more you lose, the more he earns. Sometimes some analysts will not open the list themselves, so listen less to those people and only lose money with them, so everyone should keep their eyes open and improve themselves. Do not trust others credulously.

Before each transaction, you must first ask yourself three questions: First, think about the reason for each open order? Second, do you often encounter losses from profitable orders? Third, do you often carry orders to liquidation without knowing what to do? These three problems are unavoidable problems for all trading people. Coin lovers have encountered them more or less. All of them come here, especially novices, who are very blind. The essence is that they have not established a mature trading thinking and trading system.

What is a trading system? It is the self-methodology of trading, opening, closing, adding, lightening, taking profit and stopping loss, which is its own set of rules. The most direct benefit of having such a system is that all of your orders have evidence to follow, which greatly reduces the chance of making mistakes and the amount of loss. The second is that you don’t need to watch the market in real time. When you strictly follow the system, you have a bottom line of your goals and losses, and you can achieve that no matter how the market fluctuates, you will be stable.

How to build your own trading system? The most important thing is to have a good mentality. Amber is a market that can be traded 24 hours a day. The market is treacherous and fluctuates greatly. You need to have a strong psychological quality when trading. A person’s operating habits, psychological endurance, strategy execution ability, and ability to overcome greed and fear, and various ability indexes determine that each person’s trading system is different for him.

I have summarized for a long time that an excellent system must contain the following characteristics:

First, the frequency of opening orders cannot be too high. There are too many people in Amber who are eager to get rich, and feel that they will lose their lust for a thousand knives without billing. In fact, the order is based on the market, and not based on time. Blindly opening an order when there is no quotation is only a loss. There are too many opportunities for Amber, but most of them are not what you can catch. No one can eat every fluctuation. “Waiting” is the key. Learn to wait, seize your own opportunities, reduce the frequency of your stop-loss orders, and your returns will naturally increase significantly.

Second, overcome greed. Greed is the most taboo thing for currency speculation. Especially when trading contracts, the market fluctuates every day. If there is a rise, there will be a fall. I have seen too many people. The doubling of the order caused losses and even liquidation because of greed.

Third, strictly stop profit and stop loss. This is the most important operation for contracting, and it is also an important reason why I personally can achieve the highest rate of return of 11570.96%. Every time you analyze the market and open an order, think about the position of the stop-profit and stop-loss, especially the position of the stop-loss, and calculate the profit-loss ratio is not worth doing this list. Set these two positions when you think it is possible. No matter how the market fluctuates, you will be as stable as the mountain. The stop loss position is strictly for the stop loss, the principal is retained, and the profit is stopped in batches to lock the profit.

Fourth, do a good job of position control for open orders. Why do position control? It can be understood by simply calculating a single account. Open a single order to earn 20%, a single loss of 20%, an accuracy rate of 50%, and a cycle of 40 times can reduce your assets by half. If you count the handling fee, the result is sure It is the return of assets. So we must do a good job of position control, fixed principal is a good choice, profit withdrawal is a good habit, because the withdrawal is really yours, staying on the exchange is a floating profit.

Fifth, summary of practice and review. When you have learned to control your own mentality, positions, funds and K-line operation techniques, you still lack the most critical and indispensable part of building your own system, which is to practice and review the summary. Practice leads to true knowledge, and replay can make progress.

In order to reopen every order and every week, notes and firm offers can help everyone to retake and summarize, to enrich their reasons for opening orders, and to improve the point of stop-loss and stop-loss.

The trading system is not achieved overnight, but must be summarized in the practice of continuous billing. No one is born to understand K-line and understand the contract. They are all summarized and learned in constant exploration, and who has not lost money. Over the tuition. The important thing is not to pay the tuition in vain, to learn from the list of failures, and to learn from the list of failures. Next time, the same market will naturally know what to do and what to do.

Amin|My 60-year salary was when I got the most profit

35 years old, maintenance worker, 7 years of currency speculation

I started speculating coins at the end of 2013. At that time, I read a report saying that BTC has risen to 400 yuan, so I went to study it. The first time I bought a domestic altcoin that was well-known at the time, I didn’t dare to buy it. I only recharged 100 yuan and bought 10 yuan. The result was a tenfold increase in three days. I withdrew it through Alipay. . Later, I kept buying and selling in small amounts until Bitcoin broke through 7000 yuan for the first time.

At that time, I recharged 10,000 yuan and took a full position. This is about my salary for 3 months. I bought RXP, which was 0.4 yuan. In the end, it fell so badly that I didn’t dare to look at it. At the lowest point, it was a few hundred yuan, but the meat has not been cut. Because I am not willing. The 10,000 yuan has become several hundred, and it doesn’t make any sense to sell it, so it lasted until 2017.

2017 was a big bull market. From May to July, XRP rose to 2 yuan, and I sold a total of 30,000 yuan. This time, my wife strongly asked me to sell it. If you wait until December of that year to sell, you can sell more than 500,000. This experience of selling flying planes also laid a hidden danger for me to not cash in the high points in the future.

At the peak of the market in 2013, the central bank introduced restrictions, which caused the BTC to plummet. I am unforgettable. Therefore, when the market was extremely hot in June and July 2017, I felt that if BTC reached a new high, there would be policies to suppress it, so this time I have been waiting and want to wait for the price to drop before buying.

It now seems that my thinking is right, but what is more embarrassing is that on September 3, I finally couldn’t help but buy a part. Then on September 4th, the central bank and other seven ministries issued documents covering ICOs across the board, and the currency price plummeted.

I didn’t have much money at that time, but in September and October, I bought a total of about 20,000 yuan in coins, EOS and Loopring. In mid-October, my daughter-in-law and I did a common job, and she finally agreed to put out a portion of the money for investment. This time, she gave me 100,000 yuan, and my mother returned 30,000 yuan. After September 2017, ICO prevailed. I invested 130,000 in seven ICO projects, and then caught up with the magnificent bull market. In December, the highest point was 1.8 million.

I was too self-confident at the beginning, and there was a feeling that I was the protagonist. Just like in the talk show, I felt that God had chosen me and I felt confused. My salary was only 3,000 yuan a month, and 1.8 million is equivalent to my 60-year income. But thinking about it now, I was so stupid at the time that I didn’t even cash out. In February 2018, Bitcoin fell sharply, but I felt that it could rise even more. I was greedy and did not cash out.

Throughout February, BTC has been falling and falling. I have about 400,000 to 600,000 assets left. I don’t have any cash in my hand. I am very anxious. Then suddenly one of the ICO projects skyrocketed against the trend and I hurriedly seized the opportunity and sold it. Sold 170 thousand. Later, wicc’s ICO invested another 100,000, and the remaining 70,000, I added another 30,000 in, pooled 100,000 to invest in a project, and then the project became stale, and the 100,000 yuan was also lost.

Later, during the second increase in Bitcoin, wicc brought me ten times faster income. In the end, I insisted on selling 300,000, of which 200,000 was exchanged for cash, and the other 100,000 was exchanged for Bitcoin. In fact, I originally wanted to sell half of 500,000, or sold them all. But my daughter-in-law refused, and I was also shaken, thinking that I could rise even higher. Looking back now, I was greedy at the time.

The 200,000 cashed out I paid the down payment to buy a house, and the other tens of thousands were randomly invested in ICOs. This was a matter of 2018. Now it seems that I didn’t get anything from the amber game, but it gave me courage. I never thought about buying a house before, but when I had money, I bought it.

Time entered the beginning of 2019, and BTC reached an all-time low, as did my altcoin. In May 2019, BTC rose a lot. I sold all the coins to USDT, the total value was about 350,000 yuan.

I think it will happen again in 2013, that is, Bitcoin plummeted under the pressure of policy, so I have been waiting for a short position, making a small band in the middle, winning each other, and by October, 350,000 became 300,000. At the end of October of that year, the news came out that the Politburo meeting collectively learned about the blockchain. Bitcoin rose sharply, which also changed my belief. So I bought the whole warehouse at the price of 10,000 US dollars, and kept carrying 300,000. At the lowest point, only 180,000 remained. Later, until January 2020, when Bitcoin was sold for $8,250, the total was 220,000.

During that time, there was a strange problem. I was crazy about listening to various investment and financial advice courses and exposed to leverage. At that time, there was a new concept, “Three times leveraged coins will never break out”, I was moved. During the same period, the price of Bitcoin was around US$10,000. I didn’t dare to buy it. I wanted to wait until it fell. So the whole position bought a three times leveraged currency. But then, Binance even delisted the leveraged coin. Before delisting, all leveraged coins were forcibly settled at the market price at the time and settled at $700.

I was not reconciled. I charged 35,000 yuan as a short position without telling my wife, and lost 20,000 yuan. When I came out, I completely calmed down for half a year. I restarted this month and just made 20,000 yuan to 35,000-40000 yuan.

Starting from 312 in 2020, my beliefs have been changed. I used to be a pure bull, but now I am appropriately bearish. But I guess I will still be educated.

In addition, there is an Easter egg. Loopring bought in 2017 participated in the long-term lock-up program. It was just taken out on January 4 this year and sold for 90,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, if I sell it now, I can sell it for 150,000, and I feel so depressed. Now, I’m standing at a crossroads again. Should the money continue to play, or should I use it to subsidize my family? Because now my total funds have exceeded 100,000, and I still have a monthly salary of 3,000.

After so many years, I feel that Amber fluctuated too sharply, and it hit the faith too much. Objectively speaking, my luck is better, but my strength is weaker, and the money I earn by luck has lost with my strength. But I still want to try it and see if I can get rich once. Of course, you must not be in debt or affect your life. After all, life is the most important thing.

My heart is too divided now. Today I want to earn 1 million. Tomorrow, I think it’s better not to lose money. I used to be more or less inferior, but now I don’t. I have the courage to laugh at myself. Let’s study more, I’m just an ordinary person, but occasionally get better luck.

Micheal | Buying coins while mining, desperate at first

25 years old, block chain worker, 4 years of speculation

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2017 and worked in a technology company. At that time, my leader dug up a lot of Bitcoin through mining around 2015. However, he felt that it was difficult to say whether BTC was valuable. They sold it very early, but he was very I was optimistic about the blockchain technology, so I started researching it, and then I found this technology very interesting. I thought that BTC should also have investment value, so I bought some. At that time, there were a lot of altcoins, and I bought several in a mess.

At the end of 2017, it was a big bull market. With the deepening of research, I became more and more interested in blockchain. In 2018, I jumped to the most well-known amber technology company at the time, but as the market turned bearish, I also lost money. More money. Because BTC is a strong trending market, it is difficult to make money in a bear market. I am considered a bull market. My thinking is a bull market thinking and it is difficult to switch. So when the market trend starts to change, I will still buy bottoms. Was buried. 80% of the money made at the end of 2017 was lost.

At that time, I didn’t have much money when I started working. My principal was only four to five thousand yuan, and I made seven to eighty thousand yuan at the most, but I lost five to sixty thousand yuan in the following year. Actually, it hit me. Great, especially a blow to confidence in investment. Because I have only experienced an upward cycle, and have not experienced a downward cycle, I have covered my position and continued to fall, neither buying nor selling, falling into doubt in life.

The biggest problem with investment is that I don’t know the bottom line. Although I was very optimistic about Bitcoin at the time, it did not have a value support. The stock was supported by a company, but BTC did not. During that time, I didn’t know much about Bitcoin, and I didn’t know the support for it, so I was really panicked at that time. This was the main reason for losing money.

After 312, I didn’t lose money and didn’t make money. At that time, it fell to more than 3,000 and there was a rebound. I looked at the indicator and felt that I had to step on it again. I hung up at US$2,670 and went to do other things. Later, when I looked at it again, it was more than US$5,000. No deal. I felt that it was going to go back up, so I started to open a contract and basically lost all the money I made from the short wave that fell.

Later, the price comparison began to fluctuate upwards. I think there may be a big correction, so I opened short again. Then the currency price quickly rose from 5,000 US dollars to 8,000 US dollars. When I saw that it was not working, I bought 1/3 of the spot spot.

Also in May and June, I started mining. At that time, the mining machine was very cheap. The latest mining machine from Bitmain was only 20,000 yuan each, so I bought three of them because I couldn’t control it without mining. I always wanted to trade, and it was easy to lose money.

8000 bought Bitcoin and then bought a mining machine. I was worried at the beginning, because at the price at the time, mining would take 500 days to pay back. At that time, the currency price was US$8000, but the output had been halved. I just feel that the mining income is stable, and I believe that the price of Bitcoin will rise.

In September, defi became popular in the circle. Although I didn’t get it at first, I still need to study it. But watching others make money, I felt itchy, so I followed another wave of operations and lost another 30,000 to 40,000, no zuo no die, and I started to concentrate on studying again.

At that time, I had dozens of Ethereum in my hand, because after that wave of hotspots passed, it started to fall from US$400, and I sold it when it fell to US$350. Although I bought some more later, I had dozens of them at that time, and I only bought a few in the end. I originally wanted to buy it back if I fell, but I didn’t give me a chance, and the price continued to skyrocket. In a few months, the price has tripled. If I don’t sell it, I can make at least a hundred thousand more. Now I think my mentality has collapsed and I regret it.

My current position has half Bitcoin and half USDT. I’m waiting now. If I can fall, I will increase the position. As long as I know its value, it doesn’t matter if I fall down. I have to believe that this thing can rise back. And if you judge a certain period, you can actually hold it. In a bull market, we must accumulate currency-based wealth. For example, this year’s goal is to save 10 bitcoins. In fact, it only costs more than US$3,000 in a bear market, which is not too much. But if you believe it has value, 10 bitcoins are now $350,000. Just like value investing in the stock market, do what you can understand and look for its long-term value.

I chatted with an investment boss before, and he told me that investment must have a goal, not to invest blindly, and to go to this goal to know how to trade. The trading method of earning 10 times and earning 10 times is different, and the trading method of earning 3 times and earning 3 times is different.

Although there are similarities in the concept of value investing, I think stocks are different from Bitcoin. If you must compare, I think Bitcoin is equivalent to an index, such as the S&P 500. A company may have some personalized reasons. For example, if the CEO has a problem, the stock price will fall sharply, but I think the biggest value of Bitcoin is that a single event has little effect on its price because it is already very decentralized. This is the decentralized thing, the biggest benefit of reaching consensus.