Flybit appoints compliance officer to strengthen internal control and compliance monitoring


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Yohan Oh Compliance Officer

[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-eun Lee] The Korea Digital Exchange (CEO Seok-jin Kim, hereinafter referred to as Flybit), the operator of the virtual asset exchange Flybit, commissioned Yohan Oh, Chief Operating Officer, to the Compliance Officer to strengthen the internal control and compliance system. He announced on the 30th that he had been appointed.

In accordance with the Act on the Corporate Governance of Financial Companies, general financial companies are obligated to appoint a compliance officer who is in charge of internal control related affairs, such as checking compliance with internal control standards and investigating any violations of the internal control standards.

Appointed Compliance Officer Yohan Oh has been a founding member of Credit Swiss Securities, a founding member of BNP Paribas Securities, and a founding member of Woori Fund Services of Woori Financial Group after working at Anjin Accounting Firm for the past 26 years. Stacked up.

He has also served as an internal accounting manager, public disclosure officer, global derivatives expert, financial control club representative for foreign securities companies, secretary of the working-level council of office management companies, and planning manager of the CEO council of Woori Financial Group. I am an expert.

In addition to the stable and sustainable growth of the company, it is contributing to the development of similar industries, including the establishment of the Business Rights Act (base law for specific industries), which will be the basis for investor protection and the development of the virtual asset industry, and taxation of virtual assets.

Flybit is also striving to establish an internal control system in order to perform sound and reliable management activities in compliance with laws and regulations. The enacted internal control regulations consisted of ▲internal control organization and standards ▲ stipulation of the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors and management ▲ compliance officers and internal control system operation ▲ matters to be observed when performing duties ▲ establishment and operation of a system to prevent money laundering.

Flybit Compliance Officer Oh Yohan said, “We plan to build the foundation for the anti-money laundering (AML) system and customer identification (KYC), and lay the foundation for a thorough compliance monitoring system, internal control standards, and institutional arrangements, focusing on customer protection and strengthening rights and interests. We plan to continuously recruit professional compliance support personnel.” He added, “We plan to integrate internal control and risk management at the enterprise level and create a sound control environment and culture.”

Meanwhile, Flybit conducted an anti-money laundering (AML) training for its employees in February, and plans to improve the job expertise of employees by establishing differentiated training for each job.

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