Forget the milk and cookies, Santa is accepting Bitcoin this holiday season


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Although he is based in the North Pole, Santa Claus spends much of his December touring the globe, making appearances at countless holiday-themed engagements in the run up to Christmas Eve. In payment for these rendezvous, Santa has long been known to accept tips in a variety of different currencies, assets and edible treats. This year, Santa adds Bitcoin (BTC) to his list of accepted payment methods.

A global service called HireSanta now lets people book a Santa performer in exchange for Bitcoin, according to a post from the company’s website:

“There are several ways that HireSanta can accept Bitcoin as payment for Santa Claus services, you can send Bitcoin directly to our Coinbase account or you can do it through Paypal, depending on how you store your Bitcoin.”

Almost a year has passed since the generous man with a belly like a bowl full of jelly put out his latest naughty and nice list. John McAfee topped the naughty list last year due to his tactical avoidance of United States authorities. Craig Wright also showed up on the list as a likely coal recipient. Wright, who has persistently claimed to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, brought several libel suits against well-known industry folks, including Peter McCormack, host of the What Bitcoin Did podcast. 

2019’s nice list yielded a number of good boys and girls, including Keith Mali Chung, who returned roughly $80,000 in Bitcoin to its owner after an accidental transaction. Also making an appearance on the nice list were school-goers in Uganda who received food funded by Binance as part of an initiative from its charity wing.

With the Christmas season in full swing, crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse recently installed two holiday-themed BTC advertisements in the Zurich Main train station in Zurich, Switzerland.

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