Founder of Doge Coin “Dispose of all Doge Coins in 2015 for the purchase of used cars”

Founder of Doji Coin “Dispose of all Doji Coins in 2015 for the purchase of used cars”


Founder of Doji Coin “Dispose of all Doji Coins in 2015 for the purchase of used cars”
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[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] What would the founder of Dogecoin think about the current Dogecoin?

The value of DOGE has risen significantly compared to the past. However, it is said that the person who made Dojicoin sold all of her Dojicoin in order to purchase a used car. Currently, the market capitalization of Dogecoin corresponds to the top 10 cryptocurrencies among cryptocurrencies, and when converted into an amount, it is about 8.4 billion dollars.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created through a kind of joke. Dogecoin has been trading at a price of 900% since January, and the price has risen significantly. Billy Marcus, the creator of Dogecoin, shared his opinion on this phenomenon.

Recently, Dogecoin founder Billy Markus announced that in 2015, he had disposed of all Dogecoin he had in order to purchase a Honda Civic used car.

In addition, he created Doji Coin in 2013, and it is said that since then, Doji Coin has become an object of love and hatred.

Dogecoin was created from jokes that came and went among members of the Internet community. Billy Marcus, the creator of Dogecoin, was, of course, at the center of such a community. However, at some point, he felt uncomfortable with the direction of the community, and in 2015 he said that he eventually disposed of all his Dogecoins. At the time, he said he was unemployed and suffered financial difficulties.

“At the time, I was unemployed. The bank ran out of deposits. “I had to dispose of everything I had in order to buy a used Honda Civic car, but I also disposed of all Doge Coins.”

However, since then, the price of Dogecoin has risen significantly. Currently, it is trading at a price of less than 10 cents, but there is a prospect that even a dollar per piece is not impossible in the cryptocurrency industry.

In response, Billy Marcus said, “I don’t know if Dogecoin is worth a dollar each. If the price of Dogecoin exceeds $1 each, it will exceed the market cap of famous companies such as Boeing, Starbucks, American Express Card and IBM. But is the value of Dogecoin that started out as a joke? Honestly, I don’t understand.”

At the same time, the value of Dogecoin lies in its community and potential. He said that joy, kindness, enthusiasm, creativity, and rejection of the mediocrity are the real values ​​of Dogecoin.

On the 4th, in a single tweet by Elon Musk, the price of Dogecoin rose by 50%. In 2019, Elon Musk even introduced himself as’the former CEO of Dogecoin’ as a joke. Also, in the February 11th tweet, he tweeted that he bought Dogecoin for his child. Billy Marcus said that Elon Musk’s actions would be meaningless to the world’s largest wealthy people, who don’t care about money, but the general public himself doesn’t understand.

He said, “I am somewhat separated from Dogecoin. It didn’t take a few hours to make Dogecoin. But today, Dogecoin has become one of the Internet cultures. “It’s awkward from my point of view.” “I saw Elon Musk tweeting about Dogecoin. It is pathetic to see the behavior of a person in that position. However, it is true that the price of Dogecoin is soaring in a single tweet.”