Francis Pouliot separates #Bitcoin from blockchain

Francis Pouliot separates Bitcoin from blockchain

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At TNW2019, Francis Pouliot, CEO and co-founder of Bitcoin exchange BullBitcoin, gave a technical overview of the cryptocurrency’s network, focusing on how it works, and what it’s capable of.

During his presentation, Pouliot rounded up Bitcoin’s core value and primary directives.

In terms of emergent properties, Pouliot spoke about Bitcoin’s immutability, censorship-resistance, trustless validation, and self sovereignty.

He also highlighted the cryptocurrency’s monetary properties, focusing on its decentralized digital scarcity, fungibility, and liquidity.

Additionally, Pouliot chatted about the platform’s properties, including security, smart contracts, integration usability, and payments.

Pouliot wrapped his talk by clarifying his own stance on the cryptocurrency and its underlying technology.

“I do not consider Bitcoin to be part of the blockchain space. I consider the two to be different,” he stated.



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