From the annual report, the six major product lines of ConsenSys are sorted out. These data are more worthy of attention


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In the just review report for 2020, ConsenSys has completely sorted out the current six business lines of ConsenSys, as well as the related achievements and data achieved in 2020. These data can also well illustrate the explosive growth of Ethereum in this year. , Whether it is ecological infrastructure, applications, users, miners, or enterprise-level applications.

As the largest commercial organization in the Ethereum ecosystem, ConsenSys has carried out drastic reforms this year to become a single integrated software company. Separate the previous investment and portfolio management activities from the software business, forming a new organization called ConsenSys Mesh, which is a supplementary entity to the independent ConsenSys software business.

ConsenSys Mesh focused on investment

But in fact, at the beginning of the year, ConsenSys also suffered from the impact of the epidemic, and twice announced the layoff of about 14% of its employees. Joseph Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys and the co-founder of Ethereum, announced the news at an internal plenary meeting and said, “I think we can use many means to deal with this crisis, and layoffs are inevitable.”

In addition to layoffs, news of ConsenSys’ financing was also revealed. In August of this year, overseas media broke the news that ConsenSys was conducting a round of financing to raise US$50 million through convertible bonds. People familiar with the matter said that JPMorgan plans to ConsenSys made an investment of US$20 million. At the same time, the merger transaction between Quorum and ConsenSys, the blockchain division of JPMorgan Chase, is also in progress.

Towards the end of the year, ConsenSys continued to complement the existing product line through several acquisitions. For example, in November it acquired the team behind the smart contract development tool Truffle and its technology, and in December it acquired the Ethereum transaction relay service any. Sender, two engineers will join the Infura team. At the same time, Infura also announced that it will add the Infura Transaction (ITX) function, which will simplify the transaction process sent by Ethereum and eliminate the complexity of developers dealing with gas fee management.

So far, the six product lines of ConsenSys have gradually become clear, namely:

– Codefi, which provides a blockchain application suite for business and finance

– Diligence that provides security audits for Ethereum smart contracts

– Infura that provides APIs for Ethereum and IPFS

– MetaMask, the most popular wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem

– Quorum, an open source blockchain platform for business

– Truffle, an Ethereum smart contract development tool


Financial application suite Codefi: Tokenized USD 350 million real estate fund

Codefi is a blockchain application suite for business and finance. Its applications and tools include:

  • Orchestrate: Enterprise-level solutions
  • Workflow: Blockchain-driven business process management and automation
  • Assets: tokenization and issuance of assets or securities
  • Markets: Provide over-the-counter trading for digital securities
  • Payments: Fund transfer processing between cryptocurrency and stable currency
  • Networks: Tools for launching decentralized networks
  • Staking: Enterprise-level Ethereum 2.0 staking tool
  • Compliance: Provide anti-money laundering and other compliance solutions for the digital assets of the Ethereum network
  • Data: Provide data and risk analysis for digital assets and DeFi protocols

Annual data: The Skale project token SKL pledged in Codefi Activate exceeds 167 million; the real estate fund tokenized on Codefi is USD 350 million.


Security Audit Diligence: 55 projects were audited and 350 defects were found

Diligence can provide security audit services for smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

Annual data: 55 projects have been audited; defects in 350 smart contract codes have been discovered.

从年度报告梳理ConsenSys的六大产品线,这些数据更值得关注 Some customers

API service Infura: more than 130,000 registered developers

Infura can provide API services for developers of Ethereum and IPFS.

Annual data: The highest number of API calls per day is close to 2.4 billion; Infura’s IPFS service stores 9.7 TB of data and transmits 170 TB of data; more than 130,000 registered developers.

从年度报告梳理ConsenSys的六大产品线,这些数据更值得关注 Companies using Infura services

Wallet MetaMask: monthly life exceeds 1 million

MetaMask is the most popular wallet on the Ethereum platform. It used to be a browser plug-in wallet. This year, the official version of the mobile terminal was released.

Annual data: monthly active users exceed 1 million; in the Swap transaction function launched by MetaMask, the transaction success rate is 92.77%.


Commercial blockchain platform Quorum: Over 200 projects have been built

Quorum is an open source blockchain platform serving business scenarios. It was previously the blockchain department of JPMorgan, but was acquired by ConsenSys in August this year.

Annual data: More than 200 projects have been built based on Quorum; the GoQuorum project library on Github has been favorited more than 3800 times.

从年度报告梳理ConsenSys的六大产品线,这些数据更值得关注 Quorum supporter

Development tool Truffle: 4 million downloads

Truffle (Truffle Chocolate) is an Ethereum smart contract development tool. It was acquired by ConsenSys in November this year. It has always been one of developers’ favorite ecosystem tools during the development of smart contracts and front-end applications.

Annual data: The Truffle project library on Github has been favorited more than 9,000 times; it has been downloaded more than 4 million times.


The overall growth of the Ethereum ecosystem: more than 3000 decentralized applications

In addition, ConsenSys also counted some data related to the Ethereum network. From these data, we can also see the growth of Ethereum in 2020:

  • 127 million addresses already exist in the Ethereum network
  • Ethereum is the first blockchain network to settle $1 trillion in a year
  • There are more than 10,000 Ethereum nodes worldwide
  • Ethereum circulates 65% of the stablecoins in the market (24 billion USD)
  • Over 500 million USD in on-chain transaction fees were generated in a year
  • There are more than 3000 decentralized applications in the Ethereum network
  • Financial applications on Ethereum hold more than $14 billion
  • The maximum number of transactions in a single day is 1.4 million


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