Gameberry, operating profit of 10 billion won in 4Q last year… ‘The greatest ever’


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] Gameberry Co., Ltd. (CEO Hyung-cheol Lim) announced on the 27th that, based on the consolidated financial statements, the operating profit exceeded KRW 10 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, achieving the highest performance since its foundation. After being selected as the 37th fastest growing company in Asia-Pacific by the Financial Times (FT) in 2020, it has proven its potential with performance.

The biggest reason Gameberry continues this trend is its organizational culture that pursues change. Rather than settling for success in one field, they found a market with high potential and quickly established various new businesses through aggressive investment and execution. In addition to the advertising solution business that has already secured more than 2,000 clients in more than 50 regions around the world, it is also conducting various businesses such as mobile games, NFT-related businesses, and companion animals. Recently, a large number of talents from domestic and foreign leading ICT companies such as Google, Naver, Kakao, and Nexon have joined, and the pace of business development is accelerating.

The artificial intelligence (AI) and data-based advertising network ‘JungggleX’ and the ad exchange platform ‘RevLift’, launched in 2017, continue to grow steadily through continuous technology development and customer management. . It is enhancing its competitiveness in the ad-tech industry by cooperating with major overseas companies such as TikTok, Baidu and Alibaba as advertising and monetization partners.

The independent game development team, which had been operating as a company in company (CIC) since 2019, was also an option to strengthen its business. Gameberry Studio is operating five separate development teams based on a strong performance reward system and autonomy. ‘Moorim Baeksoo’, which signed a global publishing contract with Com2us, and ‘Dragon Heroes’, which has secured 2.7 million global users, are representative works. ‘Granzenka’, released in December 2021, showed good results, ranking first in the new simulation on the Google Play Store and sixth in overall popularity. In the future, Gameberry Studio plans to introduce various games tailored to the needs of users.

The companion animal business sector, which started last year, is rapidly establishing itself in the market by successively launching a companion animal walking app ‘Puppy Puppy’, a comprehensive companion animal market ‘Piri Market’, and a companion animal life brand ‘Sweet Life’. We are practicing our vision to improve the lives of companion animals and companion animals as a whole by protecting abandoned dogs with companions, donating feed, developing products that take into account the life cycle of companion animals, and providing community services. In 2022, the synergy between the walking app community and online commerce will be further strengthened.

The NFT game development business, led by former members of Nexon, NCsoft, Netmarble, and Pearl Abyss, is accelerating development with the goal of an official release in the third quarter of 2022. In collaboration with Blocore, an investor in major global blockchain game companies such as Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, and Wemix, and an affiliate of Gameberry, it is preparing a high-quality game that can be successful in the global market. In addition to games, it is expected to continue aggressive growth in 2022 by establishing a separate team to connect existing industries and the blockchain industry to keep pace with trends in the blockchain industry, such as NFT and DeFi, and discover new businesses through this.

Meanwhile, since 2018, Gameberry has been making initial investments in promising domestic and foreign companies such as games, block chains, contents, and healthcare, and some have already grown into unicorn companies. Gameberry selects and invests in strategic business partners at home and abroad that can create innovation together with companies with excellent financial performance. In 2022, it is seeking more aggressive expansion, including the establishment and acquisition of a joint venture.

Hyeong-cheol Lim, CEO of Gameberry, said, “We will continue to aggressively target the global market with more aggressive investments and continue to grow steadily through new businesses. We plan to continue recruiting talented people to go,” he said.

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