“Get 50% discount on communication charges with the cryptocurrency ‘Paycoin'”


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Danal Fintech launches Paycoin communication fee service (provided by Danal Fintech)

The benefits of ‘Paycoin’, a cryptocurrency simple payment platform, have been extended to mobile communication.

Danal Fintech, the operator of ‘PayCoin’, announced on the 22nd that it will start a PayCoin communication fee service with the main content of discounting communication costs. To this end, it plans to launch a variety of telecommunication combination services, starting with a discount on telecommunication costs, in partnership with the mobile communication operator Green Rope.

The PayCoin communication fee service launched this time is characterized by providing a 25% PayCoin payback benefit in addition to the basic 25% contract discount. You can easily receive a 50% discount on the total rate by accessing the ‘Paycoin exclusive mall’ and applying for a Paycoin rate plan when opening a new device or changing a device.

For example, if you choose the 58,000 won monthly plan with Paycoin, you can save 14,500 won with a 25% contract discount and 14,500 won with 25% Paycoin payback, saving a total of 29,000 won in communication costs. have. Selectable carriers are KT and LG U+ (U+), and SK Telecom will also support it in the future.

An official from Danal Fintech said, “You can use a smartphone at a cost that is as low as a budget phone while enjoying the benefits and membership services of major telecommunication companies.” As more and more consumers are looking for a reasonable rate plan, demand is expected to increase.”

“PayCoin is the only virtual asset-based integrated platform in Korea, and we plan to develop various services such as benefits that take into account customers’ lifestyles and a subscription model that allows them to receive PayCoin regularly,” he added.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the launch of the PayCoin communication fee service, PayCoin is also conducting an event to immediately present a cryptocurrency worth 10,000 won, ‘PayCoin’, to those who applied for PayCoin communication service among PayCoin November subscribers.

You can check the details of the communication fee service and events launched by Paycoin on the Paycoin app.

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