Goldman Sachs and more getting into Bitcoin

Goldmando ‘Gazua~’… Bigger Bitcoin, Going More (Comprehensive)


Goldmando ‘Gazua~’… Bigger Bitcoin, Going More (Comprehensive)
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While large Wall Street financial companies are investing in Bitcoin, a representative cryptocurrency (virtual currency), Wall Street’s leading investment bank Goldman Sachs is preparing to jump into the cryptocurrency market by secretly holding a Bitcoin-related seminar. For the time being, the cryptocurrency is likely to rally, experts say.

In particular, if Goldman Sachs, Wall Street’s largest and world’s largest investment bank, enters the cryptocurrency market in earnest, other investment banks are likely to follow it, and Goldman Sachs’ entry into the cryptocurrency market is expected to be a huge boon for the cryptocurrency market. to be.

◇ Goldman Sachs Secretly Held Cryptocurrency Seminar : CNBC of the United States said on the 14th (local time) that Goldman Sachs secretly invited cryptocurrency expert Mike Novogratz, president of Galaxy Digital, to hold a cryptocurrency seminar last week. Reported.

Michael Novogratz-Save the Bullmberg

CNBC interpreted this as a signal that Goldman Sachs is trying to enter the related market so as not to fall behind, as Wall Street financial companies have declared to enter the cryptocurrency market one after another.

Earlier, Goldman Sachs established a ‘desk’ that deals with cryptocurrencies in 2017, when the cryptocurrency craze was on the rise but has not taken any special measures since. At that time, Goldman Sachs gave up entering the market because the cryptocurrency market was too unstable.

In such a situation, as the price of bitcoin surged once again, with the $50,000 breakthrough in front of us, Goldman Sachs seems to be rushing to prepare to enter the cryptocurrency market.

◇ JP Morgan, which was called “cryptocurrency fraud”, is preparing to enter the cryptocurrency market as well: JP Morgan, a famous investment bank on Wall Street, is also trying to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Daniel Pinto, co-president of JP Morgan, said in an interview with CNBC on the 14th, “It is not right now, but if there is demand, JP Morgan should also enter the bitcoin market.” He added, “If there is a lot of demand from investors, we can advance faster.”

CNBC assessed this as a tremendous step in light of another co-president, Jamie Daemon’s remarks that “cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are fraudulent”.

Jamie Demon, Co-CEO of JPMorgan Chase-Saved the company website

◇ Wall Street’s major financial companies declare cryptocurrency investments one after another: Existing banks such as Elon Musk Tesla’s CEO last week purchased $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin, and New York Melon Bank, a traditional financial company, announced that it would purchase bitcoin. They are also jumping into the bitcoin market one after another.

Mastercard and New York Melon Bank, the major American financial companies, as well as the renowned Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley, also revealed their willingness to invest in Bitcoin.

Mastercard announced on the 11th that it plans to include some cryptocurrencies in its payment system. The New York Melon Bank also announced on the same day that it created a new business unit to help customers hold digital assets such as Bitcoin.

Morgan Stanley is also known to be considering investing in Bitcoin by’Counterpoint Global’, an investment part. Big financial companies on Wall Street are jumping into the cryptocurrency market one after another.

◇ The world’s largest fund Black Rock also decides to invest in bitcoin : The world’s largest asset management company, Blackrock of the United States, also invested in bitcoin futures on the 14th and added bitcoin to’investment eligible’ assets.

Blackrock announced that it will invest in bitcoin by its two funds. Blackrock added that the two funds will only invest in Bitcoin futures.

Previously, Black Rock raised the bitcoin’s investment rating to the’investment-eligible’ rating as a precautionary measure.

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, managing assets worth $886 trillion (9808 trillion). Bitcoin is expected to become more popular as Black Rock takes such measures.

◇ Bitcoin approaching 50,000 dollars : As world-class financial companies have declared their entry into the Bitcoin market one after another, Bitcoin is rapidly emerging as a mainstream investment destination, and the price is approaching 50,000 dollars (55.35 million won).

Bitcoin’s price trend since its launch to the present-Coinmarket cap capture

According to CoinMarketCap of the United States, which broadcasts the cryptocurrency market, as of 6 a.m. on the 15th (Korean time), Bitcoin rose 4.53% to $48,838, compared to 24 hours ago. On this day, Bitcoin soared to $49,714.

Experts are agreeing that a bitcoin-related good news is in full bloom in a situation where the market is overflowing with liquidity due to the ultra-low interest rate caused by COVID19, and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will rally for the time being.