Hdac, Tendermint-based Mainnet RIZON Conversion Completed


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End of token swap and rebranding of ATOLO

[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] Blockchain technology company Hdac Technology (hereafter referred to as Hdac) announced on the 12th that the token swap to Tendermint-based mainnet ‘RIZON’ and Atolo ( ATOLO) announced that the rebranding of the coin was completed.

Accordingly, the official token swap support period for Hdac (HDAC) coins stored in the cryptocurrency exchange ‘Bithumb’ and the virtual currency wallet ‘Case Wallet’ has ended ∙ Additional swaps are not possible, and the existing tokens are Atoll, the Rizon mainnet coin. It can be used by swapping to ATOLO.

RIZON is the mainnet launched by Hdac in September 2021 and is based on the Tendermint engine, which aims to provide developers with tools to develop high-performance blockchain applications. Tendermint has ▲public or private blockchain support ▲high performance ▲immediate completeness ▲security features. , PoW) is a consensus algorithm that can solve the problems of processing speed, network scalability, and block integrity without consuming huge resources.

The Tendermint-based RIZON blockchain is a flexible, modular structure that uses modules to be provided by Hdac and the latest software development kit (SDK) from Cosmos to meet various business needs. can be created and operated. The more tokens are delegated and deposited to validators acting as blockchain participants (nodes), the greater the stability, and token delegates and validators receive a portion of block rewards and transaction fees as an incentive for this. Cosmostation and Infstone, which are currently active in the Tendermint Cosmos ecosystem, participate as validators to enhance network security and stability, and contribute to the development of Risen as a stakeholder.

ATOLO coin holders who have completed the rebranding can participate directly in Rizen governance as stakeholders to propose improvements and participate in voting. You can also use the Cosmos ecosystem wallet to manage coins and earn staking profits.

A Hdac official said, “Through the closure of the Rizen swap and the rebranding of Atolo Coin, we are able to support more convenient and stable coin transactions and use of on-chain services for holders. We will accelerate the creation of an interlocking blockchain ecosystem and secure scalability.”

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