Hong Kong Awakening Health-Korea Aiming, ‘Multipurpose Robot Development’ Establishment of joint venture


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jieun Lee] Awakening Health Ltd., a Hong Kong-based AI and robotics company, well known as the talking robot’Sophia’. CEO David Lake agreed to develop a new robot model by fusion of the technologies of both companies with Chairman Kim Gyeong-cheol of IMING Group, which provides an IMING SNS service in Korea, and established a joint venture called AIBio in Korea.

The robot industry, which is known as a representative player in the AI ​​artificial intelligence industry, has been designated by Japan’s Softbank Chairman Son Jeong-eui as the most promising field for investment in the future, and the Korean government is also setting a goal to enter the four global robot powerhouses by 2023. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) predicts that the industrial robot market is growing by 14% every year, and about 630,000 industrial robots will be sold this year. The government predicts that the domestic robot industry market will expand from 5 trillion won in 2018 to 15 trillion won in 2023. The global robot market size is expected to reach 200 yen by 2025.

The robot market of companion and companion concept, which is the main focus of Sofia’s robot manufacturer Hong Kong Awakening Health, is also expected to expand significantly, due to the rapid increase in the elderly population. The United Nations (UN) estimates that between 2010 and 2050, the population aged 15-65 will increase by about 33% worldwide, while the population aged 65 and over will increase by 181%. With such an increase in the number of elderly people, the market for robots with the concept of companions and companions that heal loneliness from serving as a helper for everyday households is expected to expand significantly.

In the future, the AIBio joint venture will continue to develop new markets by applying the IMING Group’s automatic interpretation and translation technology based on the patents and technologies owned by the Awakening Health company, the expertise of the AH team, and the related patents and technologies to be acquired in the future. Through the development of medical robots, educational robots, hotel robots, translation robots, and other various service robots, we improve the quality of life of humans and support them in various forms so that humans can achieve more self-realization, and humans and robots coexist with each other. We want to be able to live with cooperation.

IMING SNS is a messenger such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and it is a messenger with automatic interpretation and translation. Specifically, automatic interpretation for one-on-one video calls is expressed in words and texts at the same time, and an automatic interpretation system for group calls is scheduled to open sooner or later. When I post news, I have a platform that automatically translates everyone around the world in 240 countries in 90 languages ​​of my choice. It also provides a multilingual homepage service that automatically translates into 90 languages. In the future, based on the freedom of language communication, translation-based e-commerce shopping malls, webtoons, TV (movies), and e-book services will be opened.

Prof. Youngsook Park of the UN Future Forum, who played an important role in the birth of AIBio, a joint venture between Hong Kong Awakening Health and Korea’s IMING Group, said, “I hope that AIBio will play a big role in the survival and evolution of mankind.” He said, “If all of humanity can understand what the robot says in their own language and communicate with each other, the robot can truly become our companion robot, and as good friends in our lives, the elderly and our children are good friends. It can be helpful for emotional stability, and as well as securing time for our human life to be used for more creative and developmental work through the development of robots for various medical services, educational services, and hotel services. I will be able to do it,” he explained.

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