How do employees of leading companies in the crypto industry such as Binance, Huobi, OKEx, and Bitmain evaluate the company?


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Binance is “emergency”, OKEx is “management chaos”, and Huobi is “not international enough.”

Original title: “How do internal and overseas employees “complain” Binance Huobi OK Bitmain”
Author: Wu said blockchain

There is a well-known overseas software called Glassdoor, where employees can rate their employers. Similar credible software has not yet appeared in China. Due to its increasing influence, a large number of naval forces have appeared on it. The Wall Street Journal once reported on how the company faked news on Glassdoor.

An author once compared the ratings of major Chinese Internet companies on Glassdoor and found that Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Lenovo, etc. scored higher, but Huawei, LeTV, and Cheetah scored lower, especially LeEco, which was astonishingly low 1.7 points. (Search for Elliott Zaagman articles)

Several well-known large companies have emerged in the cryptocurrency industry in recent years. The largest ones are from China. What are their ratings and the comments of overseas employees?

Coinbase: 3.7 Keywords: racial discrimination

Coinbase is the most rated cryptocurrency company on Glassdoor, with 150 reviews. Positive reviews include salary, benefits, and industry-leading companies; negative reviews mainly involve the company’s prohibition of political discussions and racial discrimination.

Binance 3.6 Keyword: Emergency

Binance has 14 reviews, and positive reviews include flexible working hours and strong competitiveness in the industry. Negative reviews focused on “a large number of emergencies to deal with.” An employee feedback: “Everything is regarded as an emergency”, “I am trying out new features almost all the time”, and working hours are much longer than expected. (In terms of Binance’s high frequency of downtime, there may indeed be many emergencies)

For emergencies, you can also refer to the details of this article: Inside Binance

OKEx: 3.3 Keywords: management confusion

OKEx has 16 evaluations. The advantages include a very beautiful office environment; if the management changes, the company still has a lot of room for growth; the disadvantages are concentrated in management chaos, “KPI is not clear and changes every week.”

Huobi: 2.8 points Keyword: not enough internationalization

Huobi has 33 reviews. Huobi seems to have caused a large number of former employees to post emotional attacks on glassdoor due to the management of branches in the United States and Singapore. Relatively rational comments think that the Huobi brand is good, but not international enough. The Chinese company’s imprint is too obvious and many Chinese emails are sent to international employees. This also reflects from the side that Huobi executives lack an overseas background and are backward in internationalization.

Bitmain: 3.0 Keywords: Change the roadmap at will

Bitmain has 22 reviews. Positive reviews include attractive salaries, a good office environment, and less busy work (Bitmain recruits blindly in the bull market, resulting in a large number of employees being idle); negative reviews focus on management chaos, infighting, and random changes in the roadmap; easy business Affected by the market.

Bybit: 4.0

Bybit is a derivatives exchange that has sprung up. After withdrawing from China, overseas employees have gradually increased. However, there are obvious traces of naval forces in the comments, and the full marks are concentrated in May and November 2020.

The advantages include young and fast development. Negative comments include: there is a frustrating, unfair, hierarchical, and push culture internally, which makes people worry about losing their job every day; in fact, it is a Chinese company with very little business in Singapore.

to sum up

Although there are not many reviews from overseas employees (surprisingly, Binance, as a global exchange, has the least reviews from overseas employees), and among them are the navy with perfect scores. However, after seeing the novels, many interesting details often appear:

For example, Binance always has “emergency situations”; OKEx “management is chaotic and hopes that changes will bring changes”; Huobi China has a strong imprint and sends Chinese emails to overseas employees; Bitmain’s roadmap changes day by day, and employees are saturated and relaxed.

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