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If you trade crypto and want to discover new sophisticated products that will allow you to make big money, then join Scott Melker and Vishal Shah, the founder of Alpha5 Exchange, for the live stream on trading crypto spreads, swaps, futures and exotic options on Alpha5 Exchange.

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Alpha5 is a new derivatives exchange, with a twist. It is the first to deploy the same implied orderbook technology as you see on the CME, and it’s now come to life, with the backing of some of the most well-regarded investors in this space.

What that means is that you can now, for the very first time in crypto, trade spreads, or the price-difference between two contracts, across all products. You can trade your Bitcoin perpetual swap against the March Future, the December Future against the June. Whatever your view, no matter how funky your strategy, all the combinations are covered. And it’s live now, for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. And best of all, forget all the pockets of margin you have to remember. All trades on Alpha5 are out of the same pot of equity, and all unrealized profits are able for use IMMEDIATELY.

If you’re serious about exploring new strategies, love the idea of yield, and looking to tap into ideas hidden in plain sight, be sure to check out Alpha5.

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