HumanDAO Fair Token Launch Live on both Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet Social Impact DAO: Offering 20% Bonus Tokens for All Early Investors

HumanDAO Fair Token Launch Live on both Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet Social Impact DAO: Offering 20% Bonus Tokens for All Early Investors

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The Metaverse, Dec 4th, 2021HumanDAO, a social impact decentralized autonomous organization connecting gamers with digital assets in the play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse, has announced the public sale for its governance token is currently live and will end on December 6th at 6am UTC.

Over just ten weeks, HumanDAO has grown from a membership of only 20 individuals to more than 18,000, signaling the surging popularity of crypto-powered play-to-earn titles, according to the team. The DAO describes its mission as “improving lives through crypto,” noting plans to collectivize crypto-based revenue generation using a variety of protocols that fall outside of play-to-earn gaming in the future.

The DAO lends, sells, and rents valuable in-game assets and tokens that can be used to generate revenue in play-to-earn titles. The platform’s value proposition is to enable investors holding digital gaming assets to rent out those assets and earn passive returns through the DAO, while players located in emerging economies can access income-generating in-game assets which may otherwise be unattainable due to price appreciation.

Play-to-earn DAOs have gained popularity this year, with Yield Guild Games raising $12.5M in 30 seconds in an initial DEX offering, and $4.6M in a financing round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. A similar project, Merit Circle, raised $105M in 72 hours. HumanDAO is different from other play-to-earn DAOs because it plans to issue a greater proportion of tokens to its community as opposed to the founding team at launch, and because tokens will be distributed over a longer time frame than its counterparts.

Everyone participating in HumanDAO’s auction on either chain (Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon Network) will receive 20% bonus rewards on their tokens. To participate in the sale, you must connect a web3 enabled cryptocurrency wallet to the auction host, Copperlaunch. Available options are MetaMask, Gnosis Safe, WalletConnect, and Ledger.

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