ICONLOOP applies ‘DID access authentication system’ to POSCO Group base offices


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Lee Ji-eun] On the 6th, ICONLOOP (CEO Kim Jong-hyeop), a representative block chain company in Korea, applied a blockchain DID (Decentralized Identifier)-based access authentication system to the POSCO Group base office. said.

While companies are continuing to prepare base offices in order to maintain established remote work and create a flexible working environment during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, at the corporate level, it is difficult to operate due to the different management systems of each affiliate and affiliate, and from the employee’s point of view, the building There have been inconveniences such as having to carry multiple cards due to each different access system. In order to solve this problem, a system that can manage access control of multiple offices was needed.

ICONLOOP applies a blockchain DID-based access authentication system to the POSCO Group’s shared base office ‘With POSCO Work Station’ located in Park One in Yeouido, Seoul and Geumsegi Building in Eulji-ro, allowing integrated management of access control. A smart office has been implemented. Through this, employees of POSCO Group companies were able to easily authenticate that they are employees and access the base office through mobile without a separate card for each building, and system management and operation were also made easier.

The DID technology applied to this system is a non-face-to-face customized technology that provides identity authentication in a non-face-to-face environment and enables users to directly manage personal information. Through this, group company employees can directly control and manage their information by entering the building after verifying that they are themselves based on their affiliation information.

Kim Jong-hyeop, CEO of ICONLOOP, emphasized, “With the advent of the non-face-to-face era, companies are increasingly looking for remote workplaces, and a reliable integrated management system will become a necessity, not an option.” We plan to apply the DID-based authentication system to various places to ensure safe access to and use of facilities.”

Previously, ICONLOOP established a blockchain DID-based integrated identity authentication system in the Pohang Changeup Ground (CHANGeUP GROUND), and made DID application cases across buildings and tenants. Changeup Ground is a startup space operated by POSCO to foster venture companies. Through the full introduction of the system, technology security has been strengthened so that resident companies can focus on developing innovative technologies with confidence.

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