“If cryptocurrency payments are accepted, it is possible to obtain $100,000 in Bitcoin at the end of the year”


If more companies in the U.S. allow cryptocurrency as a payment method for customers, the leading cryptocurrency bitcoin could soar to $100,000 at the end of this year, predicted by Michael Novogratz, founder of U.S. cryptocurrency asset management company Galaxy Digital.

According to Coinbase, bitcoin continues to rewrite its all-time high, with a 15% increase from the previous day at 7:36am Korean time on the 9th, at the $48,847 level. Last night, the CEO of Tesla’s electric car, Elon Musk, invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and announced that it will accept Bitcoin as a payment method in the future.

In response, the founder of Galaxy Digital Novograds predicted in an interview with Bloomberg TV that “all American companies will do like Tesla.” The founder of Novograts stressed that it doesn’t matter how much you invest. “The message is important” from the Tesla action, he said, and “we’ll see a herd shift.”

Novograts founder predicts that companies will consider moving large amounts of money to bitcoin to hedge inflation or a weak dollar. He said that Musk’s decision was “genius,” and that “I listen to people and put weight on the attention of young people.”

The founder of Novograts said, “One of the things that penetrates Bitcoin, Tesla, solar energy-related stocks, and ESG (eco-friendly, responsible management, governance improvement) is that young people called millennials and generation Z are thinking about the future.” Young people see cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as their money.”

Galaxy Digital, the founder of Novograts, jumped 12% on the 8th in the New York Stock Market.