Institutional Money and Bitcoin with Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex


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Richard Byworth is the CEO of Diginex, a multi-faceted crypto company paving the way for the largest players to enter the space. Before developing Diginex, Richard was a professional trader, focused heavily on derivatives in legacy markets. After reading "Sapiens" and becoming fascinated with Bitcoin, he decided to focus on developing institutional grade tools for crypto investors – leading to a listing of his company on the Nasdaq.

Scott Melker and Richard Byworth further discuss the experience of trading derivative through the 2008 crash, acquiring Lehman Brothers, the “loser” talking about Bitcoin in 2009, moving to Hong Kong, suitcases full of cash in the streets, facilitating OTC deals, listing Diginex on the NASDAQ, the ICO craze in 2017, DeFi and Hotdog Coin, living in the Bitcoin echo chamber, “this time feels different,” your barber teaching you about Bitcoin, helicopter money and more.