[Interview] Undervalued ‘Hidden K-Coin’ Mecon Cash (MCH), Starts Expansion of Industry Area


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Mecon Cash Chairman Cho Jae-do

[Interview_Blockchain Today reporter Han Ji-hye]

Mecon Cash (MCH) is its own cryptocurrency platform used for payment and compensation transactions on online and mobile services. In 2016, it was selected as ‘K-Global 300 companies’.

In addition, ‘M.PAY’, a simple payment service that is a differentiated strength of Mecon Cash, is well received by users for its excellent technology and convenience. M.PAY is a platform that can be used by converting coins into Pay. As if using cash through a medium called a check card, major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin can be converted into M.PAY that matches the market price and can be used like cash. For this purpose, Meconcash has entered into direct partnerships with top top cryptocurrencies such as BCH, LTC, USDT, OKB, TRON, and JST.

Mecon Cash (MCH) had a great deal of incineration of 700 million out of 1 billion issuance in April 2020, but it is relatively unknown.

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◆You are currently active as the president of Mecon Community. Can you tell us about the path you have taken?
Mecon Community Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 with the main business of smartphone-based application services. Starting with the emoticon service, Mecon Community has developed character electronic business cards and a number of mobile games.

In 2018, MeconCash was developed to apply blockchain technology to its services, and domestic and foreign companies aiming to establish an ecosystem system where global members in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. are connected within the MeconCash platform to reward, settle and trade. We are in the process of MOU with other companies, and have built technology development and related services.

The main business areas currently in progress are as follows.

• Blockchain service development and operation
• E-Commerce online shopping mall
• Mobile caricature production solution and authoring tool development
• Development of various services using photo images
• Smartphone application and game development

◆Please explain about Mecon Cash developed and operated by Mecon Community.
Meconcash is a project to develop a cryptocurrency platform used for payments, rewards and transactions on online and mobile services. We provide a variety of mobile application, game, and content services and online shopping malls, and we aim to build a platform where users’ assets can be moved and traded between different services by linking the disconnected reward points between services, and integrating content purchase and payment. .

Mecon Cash Chairman Cho Jae-do (left) and Bitcoin Cash Chairman Roger Ver.

◆There were various issues in the cryptocurrency field in 2021. How do you see the cryptocurrency prospect this year?
In 2021, there was explosive growth in the virtual asset market, and NFT, where users can enjoy the economic value of content created by users in Metaverse and P2E (Play to Earn), is a hot topic. In addition, in Korea, there are many controversies over whether virtual assets can act as money or assets as related businesses such as virtual asset exchanges and custodians enter the framework of financial regulations in accordance with the Specific Financial Transaction Information Act (Special Act). I think their entry into the virtual asset market will accelerate in 2022.

Currently, not only domestic and foreign financial companies are entering the virtual asset market, but entertainment, fashion, and game companies are also developing and investing in virtual currencies that incorporate NFTs (non-fungible tokens). In particular, in Korea, presidential candidates are announcing promises such as deregulation and revitalization of virtual assets, which is encouraging the expectation that there will be good news for virtual asset-related companies.

Certificate of ICT Promising Company (K-Global 300) selected by the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

◆There are various cryptocurrencies related to online payment. What are the unique characteristics of Mecon Cash?
Mecon Cash provides online payments and rewards through the M.PAY payment service in the app wallet, and various virtual assets as well as Mecon Cash can be converted to M.PAY and used. M.PAY is exchanged 1:1 with MCH and payment is made by reflecting the market price when used, and other cryptocurrencies are converted by reflecting the corresponding cryptocurrency and MCH market price when converting to M.PAY.

1) M.PAY payment service for virtual assets
M.PAY is based on MCH, and in Multi WALLET, not only BTC, ETH, but also BCH, LTC, USDT, OKB, TRON, and JST, which have directly partnered with Mecon Cash, convert and use the world’s top top cryptocurrencies such as BCH, LTC, USDT, OKB, TRON, and JST. This is possible.

2) M.PAY’s On-Off Line service
ATM cash withdrawal service through M.PAY, Visa prepaid card payment and cash withdrawal, online shopping mall (Mecon Mall) payment, OFF-LINE payment service for affiliates, and M.PAY reward system for game points have been established and used.

3) Compensation service for ecosystem activation
There is an M.PAY reward service through self-developed mobile games (more than 9 types for AD).

(Source: Tron DAO Twitter)

◆I know that MeconCash started actively linking with other services to expand the usability and secure users. Are there any major examples?
In 2021, Mecon Cash expanded on-offline payment channels through linking with services frequently used by general users and provided Mecon Cash virtual asset reward services.

First, M.PAY is charged with the mobile pop balance in the mobile pop app operated by Korea Prepaid Card Co., Ltd. and can be used for online shopping, games, lifestyle, books, webtoons, etc. The service is linked so that it can be used at various Mobile Pop online merchants and financial services such as online remittance, simple insurance subscription and payment can also be used.

Second, transportation pay 30 points when charging transportation cards and transportation pay points through ‘Damdam’, a payment application (app) service, and charging transportation cards of Timonet through virtual asset reward service with A-LOCK, a specialized block chain service company. and ‘MCH’, a virtual asset worth 100 won, is provided as a reward. In 2022, we plan to continue expanding through partnerships with various partners and service linkages.

Mecon Cash’s simple payment service ‘M.PAY’.

◆Are there any new projects in Mecon Cash’s 2022 roadmap?
Meconcash has focused on building a system necessary for real life use of virtual assets such as M.PAY payment and compensation through various partnerships and development of its own services. . In addition, we are preparing a non-face-to-face business service with a developer that is suitable for the post-corona era and can be used in the global market. In addition, we have been contemplating the direction of the NFT project while preparing for an internal review and planning through an agreement with the Polytechnic University last year.

Finally, to the readers of Blockchain Today
Meconcash has been working since 2018 to create a platform used for payments, rewards and transactions on online and mobile services. I think 2022 will be the start of a new year as virtual assets enter the domestic system. Mecon Cash will do its best to show that it was a hidden gem so that domestic altcoins are not undervalued in the market compared to global cryptocurrencies through steady project activation. Thank you for your interest and support.

The path that Mecon Cash has walked

November 16 – Jang Young-sil won the Electronics Science Award
December 29 – Selected as ‘ICT Promising Company K-Global 300’ by the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning

December 28 – TV Chosun ‘The Beginning of a Great Change, Blockchain Revolution’ special ‘COIN25’ aired

January 18 – Mecon Cash aired on Pax Economy TV ‘Coin Hall of Fame’
January 22 – Concluded a business agreement with Eltove
March 22 – Opened a shopping mall where M.PAY real-time payment is possible
March 27 – Mecon Cash applied mobile game Dormy Dormy is released
April 2 – Meconcash payment system agreement with View Plastic Surgery Clinic
May 16 – Mecon Cash game Epic Knights release
June 17 – Signed MOA with JSC Group in Bashosu, Vietnam, and adopted Mecon Cash as JSC game money
August 23 – ‘Blockchain New Paradigm Leading’ aired on Pax Economics TV
September 5 – Launch of Mecon Cash EX, which can be exchanged for Ethereum
October 31 – Meconcash blockchain game Dozer Legend is released
December 27 – Signed MOU with the Vietnam Tourism Organization in Korea

January 17 – Legal advisor Sowon and business partnership
January 20 – Partnered with Bitcoin Cash and started withdrawing ATMs across Korea
January 21 – Strategic partnership with Bitcoin Cash
February 28 – Signed a strategic business partner with Litecoin

March 24 – Partnership with OKEX
April 2nd – Join the VERGE Ecosystem
June 23 – Signed a win-win cooperation partnership with TRON to expand the cryptocurrency base
June 29 – Justin Sun, founder of Tron, announces ‘Mutual Growth Formulation’ with Meconcash
July 4 – In cooperation with Tron, withdrawal of ATM machines across Korea begins
July 30 – Partnership with CIPHERTRACE
September 18 – Tether officially announces participation in Meconcash ecosystem
October 13 – Grosstolcoin joins Meconcash ecosystem
December 3 – UK Electronium (ETN) joins Meconcash ecosystem

◇ 2021
March 29 – Started MCFinance DeFi project
April 16 – MCFinance, MCH Staking Service
June 3 – Mekon Community and Korea Polytechnic University signed an industry-university cooperation agreement
July 5 – Korea Prepaid Card Co., Ltd. ‘Mobile Pop’ service alliance agreement signed
July 30 – Polygonmatic joins Mecon ecosystem
August 11th – Jangle credit rating ‘BB+’ acquired – Technical audit/legal review highest rating (VERY HIGH)
August 19 – M.PAY’s ‘Mobile Pop’ conversion service started
October 26 – Signed a blockchain service technology agreement with A-LOC
October 28 – A-Rock and ‘Dam Dam’ app virtual asset reward service

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