IPFS ecological trading platform X5EX acquired the domain name x5ex.com for one million dollars


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According to official sources, the X5 trading platform paid tribute to the “1024 Programmer’s Day” and acquired the international first-level domain name x5ex.com at a high price, with a transaction amount of nearly one million US dollars.

The X5 trading platform was established in March 2020. It is a global digital asset trading and management platform. It is also the first distributed storage ecological trading platform with the most registered IPFS miners. It is understood that X5EX is accelerating its deployment in the IPFS ecological industry. Obtained qualifications such as American MSB license, Canadian MSB license, and Australian AUSTRAC license. Team members come from leading trading platforms and financial technology companies in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Singapore.

The platform has a strong technical team and operation and maintenance team. The services that have been opened for operation include spot, over-the-counter, contract, leverage, ETF and other trading sectors. It currently supports BTC, ETH, FIL, BCH, XRP, BSV, LINK, DASH, Trading in dozens of mainstream currencies such as ADA, EOS, LTC, XMR, YFI, etc.

X5EX has long been committed to becoming the most trusted digital asset management trading platform for global users.

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