IPXHOP signs partnership with Blockchain Today, ‘Korea’s longest-running blockchain magazine’

IPXHOP signs partnership with Blockchain Today, ‘Korea’s longest-running blockchain magazine’

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[Jihye Han, Blockchain Today] IPXHOP (Chairman Seong-mok Cho), an intellectual property trading platform, signed a business agreement with Blockchain Today (CEO Ju Pil Jung), the longest-running blockchain-related magazine in Korea, and started cooperation in various fields, including NFT business.

Blockchain Today is an offline technical magazine that also serves as an online media dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency, and it holds the record as the longest-running blockchain magazine among all blockchain-related magazines currently in circulation in Korea. The magazine provides industry-related news in Korea and other countries in real-time delivered by Korean and foreign correspondents.

IPXHOP is a global comprehensive intellectual property investment platform that trades IPs of various types of content such as music production and distribution, works of art, patent rights, and performances. IPXHOP plans to introduce multiple content and investment services across all areas of IP, including the art-tech market where people can trade NFT art and enter-tech platforms for singers, actors, and sports players around the world.

The two companies agreed to actively cooperate in future development directions through this partnership, such as NFT-related business, blockchain, metaverse, and cryptocurrency-related business, and publicity marketing in Korea and other countries.

Blockchain Today said, “Through the partnership with IPXHOP, a global comprehensive IP investment platform, we believe we’ll see an acceleration in boosting and expanding the foundation for blockchain, NFT, and metaverse markets.” and added that “We hope that incorporating IPXHOP’s business model, which supports trading and giving new values to IPs in all areas, including digital music, patents, characters, and literature, will be combined with the information power of Blockchain Today and lead to a great synergy.”

The IPXHOP spokesperson said, “We are delighted to be a partner of Blockchain Today, which is at the forefront of all public relations planning related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and metaverse.” and added, “Through this business agreement, we will provide various information related to IP (intellectual property)-related NFT, cryptocurrency, and metaverse business, and do our best to expand our business scope.”

Meanwhile, Blockchain Today has continued collaboration, such as global information sharing, through partnerships with global blockchain media such as Jin Se Cai Jing, the most prominent blockchain media in China, Lian Wen of China, Winkrypto, Singapore Blockcast, and Good Morning Vietnam.

Blockchain Today is also committed to bring major news about blockchain to readers in not only in Korea but also around the world, including direct interviews with Jim Rogers, recognized as one the world’s top three investors, Thomas Frey, a world-renowned futurist, Du Jun, founder of global cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, and Roger Ver, founder of bitcoin.com.