Jellyspace signed a business agreement with Vietnam ‘CMC Global’


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-Hye Han] Jellyspace Co., Ltd. (hereinafter’Jelly’s’), which provides 6-inch new life finance platform Jelly’s, is CMC Global (hereinafter’CMC’), which has been leading software development in Vietnam’s IT field for 28 years. It was announced on the 30th that it has signed a business agreement for the development of various projects and localization in Korea.

CMC Global is an IT professional development company based in Hanoi, Vietnam, providing web and app service development and digital solution development using blockchain, AI, and cloud. With more than 1,000 developers, it has entered global markets such as the United States, Korea, Singapore, and Japan, and has carried out a number of strategic projects in collaboration with Fortune Global 500 companies.

Jelly’s (CEO Boo-sang Kwon) is a new life finance platform company that connects the digital asset market (blockchain finance) and the general market (point finance) and provides a wallet service that is the center of the blockchain market. It analyzes the environment of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market with three keywords that are fun, safe and close, and promotes the transformation and growth of a blockchain project through collaboration with partners in various industries.

Jelly’s CSO (strategic director) Cho Hyun-jin said, “As the untact trend has grown from last year, we have faced a shortage of development personnel across all industries in Korea. This is the same for startup companies as well as blockchain companies.” He said, “In particular, developers with specialized knowledge in a specific area such as blockchain and AI are in a situation where there are not many, so having an environment for stable development overseas will grow the wallet service Jelly’s in the future, and proceed with the projects of partners. It will also be of great help.”

CMC Global said, “We have high-quality professional IT service capabilities based on 10 years of experience and experience in collaboration with Korean clients. With this agreement, we will share trends in digital assets and IT markets in Vietnam and Korea, We hope to expand the development and implementation and related projects.”

In addition, CMC Global said, “At the same time as taking the first step in the overall and long-term cooperative relationship between the two companies, we are setting up a branch office in Korea, expanding the customer base in the Korean market from large companies to start-ups, and headquartered in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang. It is expected to be helpful in carrying out various projects as it can serve as a communication channel together with the company.”

Through this business agreement, the two companies build an environment in which various projects at home and abroad can be stably progressed based on the planning and development capabilities of both companies, and a bridgehead for Korean startups to advance overseas by incorporating new technologies into services. I did it.

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