JP Morgan, who was fiercely opposed to cryptocurrency, also entered the cryptocurrency market


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Jamie Demon CEO of JPMorgan-Capture the company website

JP Morgan Chase (hereinafter referred to as JP Morgan), the leading investment bank in the U.S., which was fiercely opposed to cryptocurrency (virtual currency), is also jumping into the cryptocurrency market, according to CoinDesk, an American cryptocurrency magazine, reported on the 26th (local time).

On the day, JPMorgan announced that it was ready to offer bitcoin funds to customers.

This is contrary to the position of CEO Jamie Daemon, who has been criticizing bitcoin strongly.

Daemon’s CEO has been strongly opposed to cryptocurrency, saying, “Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are fraudulent” whenever there is a chance.

However, as cryptocurrency trading became popular and numerous investors jumped into the cryptocurrency market, JP Morgan, who has been conservative with cryptocurrency, seems to have finally decided to enter the cryptocurrency market.

When the news came out, Bitcoin is trading at the $53,000 range, a surge of more than 7% from 24 hours ago.