Juan Benet: What are the key developments in the first anniversary of Filecoin’s launch?


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Juan Benet introduced various new projects emerging in the Filecoin ecosystem and revealed that expansion plans are being developed.

Speech: Juan Benet, founder of IPFS and Filecoin

On October 26th, the 7th Wanxiang Blockchain Global Summit was held at the W Hotel on the Bund in Shanghai. IPFS and Filecoin founder Juan Benet introduced the progress and development plan of Filecoin’s first anniversary through live streaming. The following is the content of the speech.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very excited. I have the opportunity to share with you today. The past year has been an extraordinary year for us, the first anniversary of Filecoin’s mainnet launch. Last week, throughout the week of the event, we continued to give lectures around the world, there were various seminars and dialogues, everyone discussed in the dialogues, and many new developments in the IPFS network since last year were also uploaded to Youtub. Now, if you are interested in the latest IPFS progress, you can watch these videos.

Let me introduce the development of IPFS in the past year. Web3 represents the next generation of the Internet. Computing will soon change all species. The current computing infrastructure provides support for tens of billions of devices and billions of people worldwide. We are now using a variety of software. There have been many changes in Web3.0 all over the world. Let us share IPFS and Filecoin here. We have realized the P2P of the Internet, that is, peer-to-peer. Now in the world, we have hundreds of millions of various websites and various development applications. Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that mainly stores people’s information. This network provides support to our network through a series of miners, that is, providers of storage capacity. Filecoin is the storage proof chain of Web3.0 and the largest storage network in the storage track. It already has the ability to compare with centralized cloud storage platforms, and is also the storage bottom layer of each Web3.0. These systems have stored data in Filecoin is out.

You have seen that Filecoin has achieved various growth. Our data has reached 12 EiB bytes, which is a very large amount of storage. There are 3362 nodes around the world, there are many application and development teams, and a large number of people participate in Filecoin. Our progress is very fast, and our progress is very fast every day. After we upgraded our network this year, the capabilities of the network have improved again. Now there are many expansion plans, such as various development tools are being created, so that more systems can be accessed. Let me share here that our use of the entire network is a significant increase.

You can see this slide shows a variety of applications, showing that its application growth rate is gratifying. In addition, many applications of Filecoin have obtained the support of some applications, such as the support of NFT and the storage of other applications. Here is a recommendation for NFT storage. This is a very simple system, and it also stores a large number of NFTs worldwide. At present, more than 6,500 customers have stored more than 6.5 million NFTs in NFT STORAGE, which is the majority of NFTs in the world. Existed inside. It is supported by IPFS and is deployed globally.

Many developer platforms are also emerging, especially here, I recommend Textle. If you want to use Filecoin to build new applications, and want to use Web3.0 storage to develop your applications, you can take a look at the various platforms mentioned earlier. .

The other is the ESTUARY project, which is a key infrastructure. It mainly manages your storage, which means upgrading. In addition, this project mainly stores your files and is backing up. In addition, your stored files can be shared with friends.

The other is the Huddle project, through which you can store the content of the call in the Filecoin system. Especially during the epidemic, the entire network is very useful.

This application includes uploading and forwarding of videos, and can even turn a video into NFT. It can be seen that there are many applications and many tools that are constantly appearing in our ecosystem. There is a little cross-chain bridge here, which is also a very important development. You can see that many smart contracts in other networks can directly call Filecoin contracts. In terms of browsers and mobile terminals, the total number of active users worldwide exceeds 250 million, which is a good entry point for all Web3.0. Including some projects, these projects on the slides contributed the most to the success of our project.

This is our new project this year. It measures the energy used in the Filecoin ecosystem and the credit for purchasing renewable energy. It not only achieves zero-carbon, but even a carbon-negative ecosystem. Filecoin is our contribution to a greener environment. This year we launched Buliders, which helps learners learn and achieve application growth. Enter Filecoin, developers learn how to develop in the Web3.0 era, and can use our entire tool to test your application. If you have an idea, this idea has great potential, and you want to continue to promote it. There are many accelerators here to help developers become start-ups, and then promote it to our ecological partners.

In fact, I have also seen that we hold various hackathons around the world. If you are interested, you can take a look at the hackathons to be held in November and December. Of the 4 accelerators this year, 60 projects have graduated. These 60 projects will build apps in the Web3.0 era based on IPFS. For a specific example of acquisition, moNA is a 3D museum. This application provides weather. The CID provides weather information for the entire network, mainly to manage customers. Valist is the management of decentralized security software, which is connected with a variety of software. MinGate uses NFT to enter a high-quality content community, where you can obtain a variety of high-quality content. In addition, it is also a P2P peer-to-peer connection, and it can also upload videos and store them on Filecoin.

You can see this accelerator, which uses a variety of developer resources, including our hackathons, accelerators and funds, grants, funds, and investor networks, making it easier for many start-ups to start businesses. If you want to develop Web3.0 applications, you can contact us. What if you want to participate in our network? First of all, I encourage everyone to become our customers, that is to save your data on Filecoin, that is, you can save your files on Filecoin. If you are a developer, the items on the left are suitable for you. You can use Fleek and Textile. If you want to build all-round applications and want to have a good development experience, you can try some other applications. If you want to better manage the data structure and have a decentralized data structure, you should choose ceramit, which can help you achieve the above goals. If you have a large amount of data and need to ensure the integrity of the data, please take a look at the Storgae project. If you want to be a miner and want to provide storage, there are many videos and files to help you, and many miners have also uploaded a lot of videos to go. Share your own experience. If you want to be a startup, this incubator can help you.

You can see Youtube and other video channels, with a lot of high-quality content. If you want to be interested in these content, you can watch our videos and chat in the community, and you can join our community at the same time.

At the same time, everyone can participate in our proposal to further in-depth the governance of the network, such as proposing IPFS, turning it into your network, and everyone can speak with you. In addition, you can become a developer and develop some key applications.

We have some core development parts, and you also have the opportunity to participate. In the future, there will be more platforms for colleagues to collect feedback experience. For example, this slide has a platform that has been used many times to ensure that the application can be more in line with the expectations of the community. In addition, we have some specific activities, including community activities and knowledge sharing activities. Use these activities for training and tell them how to start using Filecoin or how to store your data. Of course, you can also participate in many hackathons, and you can also organize hackathons. This is also the best way to contribute to our network. At the same time, you want the best way to participate in the Filecoin project, to participate in many projects across the network. Because Filecoin’s entire ecosystem has hundreds of projects, each project has a different focus. If you are interested, you can participate and find a few job opportunities.

Share the future development of Filecoin. This year, everyone is very concerned about expansion and fragmentation. Web3.0 has indeed created new infrastructure. These new infrastructures believe that security is higher than scalability, but in the future, we will further promote scalability to ensure the same experience as Web2.0. At the same time, we have to break the bottleneck of consensus. For example, some consensus on the blockchain does have a huge bottleneck, and this bottleneck must be broken. We use a so-called fragmented network to overcome the bottleneck. We have a hierarchical consensus. We have launched various expansion plans on IPFS, and we are also developing similar plans in Filecoin. And this year, we have also received a lot of discussions, so we really hope to realize the Internet-level workload, which can achieve the processing capacity of trillions of processing per second. This is our ambitious goal. The Filecoin project is also Pushing on the right path, we look forward to making it a reality soon.

ConsensusLab, called Consensus Lab in Chinese, focuses on the consensus part of the blockchain, and has done research on the level of consensus and thinking about how to achieve scalability. But how can the performance of each shard be further improved? There is a key here, which is the cross-shard execution, which is the part of the entire blockchain field where everyone is committed to finding solutions. After a few years of Web3.0, cross-chain execution is not a problem, but if it can happen now, it must be a great innovation that can help us innovate many bottlenecks.

Another direction is to calculate based on Filecoin data, which is a very important point for any storage network. First of all, the storage network can store a large amount of data. Through such data, we can perform various functions, perform various calculations and useful tasks. This is not just a smart contract, it can publish a variety of jobs and run based on a variety of data. Our community should promote the projects and architectures of Web2.0 extensions. In terms of scalability, it can keep pace with Web2.0 applications. We have seen a very interesting system, which is homomorphic encryption, which can also do calculations. The calculation of privacy is realized in the public cloud. In the future, we will realize the calculation based on data. Here we need to do various smart contract programming, which is a very important concern. In addition, we are also thinking about continuously improving the proof, and we also need a lot of innovation.

For example, our TPS makes it faster and more efficient, and can also achieve a wider range of randomness. It can be calculated through verifiable calculations, and calculations can be implemented on any network, and it uses Filecoin data. In the past few months, Filecoin has seen a lot of exciting results, and we are also discussing programmable contracts. The community is now very concerned about the group line currently added to FVM, which is compatible with WASM, and mainly has a better model for cross-chain computing. All of this is very interesting. If you are interested in such a fork, you can also go to Github to see it. And a few days later this week, there will be a related video. In Filecoin, there are many things related to the Ethereum virtual machine. There are many interesting projects in Ethereum and other networks, and we will continue to apply them. At the same time, to realize the cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and other projects, we will build a larger data science platform, and many projects will continue to be done here. For example, the efforts made by IPFS are remarkable.

Finally, share the idea of ​​building a meta universe on Filecoin. For decades, we have been working on the meta-universe, constantly accumulating little by little into more, and constantly improving in games and various experiences. Now through the 3D environment, the emergence of games and the open world, it continues to mature. Together with the native applications of blockchain and Web3.0, we have also been introduced to the meta universe. The world I live in is exciting. Many large-scale companies have emerged from Metaverse, and they have also begun to make a lot of deep investment in Metaverse. Many large companies hope to obtain a very relevant version of the meta universe, and this is also very important. We can create an open meta-universe driven by Web3.0. This is the idea of ​​our Filecoin. We hope everyone will join in and make it a reality.

I am especially proud to share with you that the Filecoin community is leading in many development aspects. For example, like the development of NFT, NFT has a concept of property rights in the blockchain, so that everyone can have a ownership relationship with space or assets, and they hope to apply NFT with an open relationship. That is to say, NFT realizes interoperability with each other, not only in a closed architecture, but also in an open architecture. There are two projects here, and there are other excellent projects. In this field, there are many ideas and activities constantly emerging, which is very interesting. In the case of museums and art galleries, the room can be developed in a composable way, and the room itself is NFT. And when you develop a separate room, it is all developed individually. There are many projects and efforts in this field. Many NFTs are already stored on Filecoin.

Generally speaking, over time, both space and objects will be connected through Web3.0, and the composability allows us to build a very open meta-universe. But I don’t know whether there will be a big explosion in user usage today. But many experimental projects are constantly emerging, and perhaps two to three years later, there will be an explosive growth. People who are currently working on the basic layer are constantly shaping the future. I also feel very happy and very excited to see what the developers can achieve based on Filecoin. Now I invite you all to join us in creating a meta universe and do some exciting things based on IPFS. If you are a developer and a person who likes to play games, the MoNa project has many rewards. You can pay attention to it. This is an NFT virtual room created by a very good artist.
The above is what I want to introduce, thank you!

Finally, I wish the Filecoin network a happy birthday once again, because the past year has been very unusual for us. If you are interested, you can see that we uploaded various conference videos last week. At the same time, I look forward to seeing you at the Blockchain Global Summit next year, and thank you again for the invitation.

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