Karura Auction Live | A Comprehensive Interpretation of Kusama’s Auction Value and Karura’s Competitive Advantages


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Karura and Winkrypto jointly organized the online live event of “Karura Summer Rally-Focus on Kusama’s First Parachain Auction”, leading everyone to interpret the value of Kusama’s bidding and Karura’s competitive advantages.

From 18:30 to 20:30 on June 11, 2021, Karura, the pioneer network of Polkadot’s DeFi infrastructure Acala, will co-host the online live broadcast of “Karura Summer Rally-Focus on Kusama’s First Parachain Auction” with Winkrypto, an integrated marketing service brand activity.

In this live event, DRF MD Cao Yin, Parity VP Fabian Gompf, Acala & Karura co-founder Ruitao Su, Acala & Karura co-founder Bette Chen, Acala & Karura Contributor YuZhu, and Winkrypto PR Consultant Anne will lead everyone together. Fangwei’s interpretation of Kusama’s bidding value and Karura’s competitive advantage.

According to information announced on the official blog of Polkadot founder Gavin Wood: Kusama’s first parachain auction will start at 20:00 on June 15, 2021, Beijing time. The Polkadot DeFi platform Acala pioneer network Karura has opened the Parachain Crowdloan function on June 9, 2021. Users with KSM can directly access Acala official website (minimum lock amount is 0.1 KSM), Polkawallet (minimum lock amount is 1 KSM) , Kraken, OKEx, Maizi, Fearless and other channels to participate in the voting. The Acala team stated that in the first 3 days of Crowdloan, all participants will receive an additional 10% early bird reward.

As the most eye-catching ecological event in the Polkadot ecology this summer, the community has paid as much attention to Kusama’s first parachain auction as it did last year’s official launch of the Polkadot mainnet. Many high-quality projects in the Polkadot ecology are gearing up and eager to try. Users who hold KSM also hope to make good use of their KSM and participate in Crowdloan to help successful bidding for promising projects.

At present, Karura has a total lock-up volume of more than 200,000 pieces, valued at 105 million U.S. dollars, and is currently ranked first. According to this trend, Karura is very likely to become the first Polkadot project to win the bidding slot.

As the pioneer network of Acala, an important DeFi infrastructure in the Polkadot ecosystem, this live broadcast Acala & Karura co-founder Bette Chen will also bring you an introduction to the Karura project and a demonstration of Crowdloan to help you understand more intuitively how to participate in the auction.

To thank the community for their long-term support to Karura, Acala & Karura prepared KAR candy airdrop benefits for everyone in the interactive Q&A session of this live event. Tomorrow night at 18:30, meet in the live room of “Karura Summer Rally-Focus on Kusama’s First Parachain Auction”, let’s explore the secrets together!

Karura Auction Live | A Comprehensive Interpretation of Kusama's Auction Value and Karura's Competitive Advantages

About Kusama’s first parachain auction

The Kusama network is also known as the Canary network. The platform token is KSM. As the Polkadot pioneer network, Kusama is faster (faster block production, shorter mortgage unlocking time, etc.), and is a large-scale pre-experiment platform for Polkadot , All experimental ideas can be put into practice on Kusama. At the end of its development, Kusama and Polkadot will continue as two independent networks and maintain a close relationship that supports each other.

Polkadot is essentially a scalable heterogeneous multi-chain blockchain, and the parachain interacts with the relay chain through slots. Therefore, only by obtaining slots can it become a real Polkadot parachain and enjoy Polkadot security Advantages such as flexibility, cross-chain interoperability, on-chain governance, no-fork on-chain upgrades, scalability, and low handling fees. Slots will be allocated to each item by way of auction.

As Polkadot’s first test network, whether Kusama’s slot can be successfully implemented or not is related to whether Polkadot and Polkadot’s ecology can enter a real development period.

About Acala

Acala is an important DeFi infrastructure in the Polkadot ecosystem, providing Ethereum compatible support for the DeFi project in the Polkadot ecosystem. As the world’s first decentralized open financial alliance and Polkadot ecological financial center, Acala aims to create an open financial framework in conjunction with the Polkadot ecosystem to bring financial stability, liquidity and accessibility to global encrypted assets. At present, core Layer 1 modules such as cross-chain multi-asset mortgage loan agreement, Staking asset liquidity release agreement, and DEX have been launched. In addition, Acala has also added an EVM-compatible smart contract module, allowing Solidity developers to enter the Polkadot ecosystem with minimal migration costs. At present, Acala has received official financial support from the Web3 Foundation, and has received investment from several world-renowned institutions including Polychain, Pantera, ParaFi, Hypersphere, Digital Currency Group, CoinFund, 1confirmation, HashKey, Coinbase Ventures, etc.

About Karura

Karura is Acala’s pioneer network and the DeFi Hub in the Kusama network. It provides a series of infrastructure, including pledged derivatives LKSM, stable currency kUSD based on multiple collaterals, and automated market-making platform Karura DEX.

About Winkrypto

Winkrypto was established in Singapore in 2019. It is a post-investment service company dedicated to decoding the world of encryption. Its services involve integrated marketing and business growth. Based in the Greater China region, Winkrypto’s business scope has reached Europe, the United States and the Asia-Pacific region at the same time, and it has maintained deep and close partnerships with core media, developer communities, financial institutions, and business elites in various regions. It has now reached 200+ global Blockchain brand establishes links, and has more than ten years of professional experience in integrating marketing and encryption industry head resources and networks, and major customer brand promotion services.

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