Klaytn completes resolving network failure incidents… Some say “the process is closed”


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] The Klaytn network of Ground X, a block chain subsidiary of Kakao, has been blocked for more than 24 hours since the morning of the 13th. As a result of this accident, Klaytn-based NFT issuance, sales, and transmission were all blocked, and deposits and withdrawals of related coins such as Clay, Wemix, and Bora were also suspended at the exchange.

Klaytn announced on the 16th that around 9 am on the 13th, on the Klaytn mainnet, block generation was stopped because consensus among consensus nodes was not reached during the block generation process. After analyzing the cause, it tried to restore the network at the same time, and it took about 36 hours to complete the normalization process.

However, some voices said that this network failure and resolution process was closed, contrary to the reputation of a platform that promotes a ‘public blockchain’.

According to the notice, Klaytn discovered a block consensus failure due to a bad block, which means an unverified bad block, around 9:00 am (Korean time) on the date of the accident. The team worked on disabling the State Prefetch optimization feature at 1:00 PM on the same day. However, it turned out that this function was not the cause of the problem and the recovery failed.

Since then, various attempts were made to apply the Hotfix to some CNs at 9 am the next day, the 14th, and check the network trend. This attempt was successful and the account update transaction was temporarily disabled. After several attempts, at 10 pm, most CNs participated in the consensus process, and there was no problem in block generation, so Cypress was normalized.

It turned out that the cause of the failure was a memory sharing problem. Account update transaction was a type of transaction that has been used well since the launch of the mainnet, but it was discovered that a bug occurred due to a specific pattern due to this failure.

Klaytn said, “We want to apply the bug-fixed version of Klaytn v1.7.1 to testnet Baobab and mainnet Cypress as soon as possible.” , those who directly operate EN, please pay attention to the update, and update EN by referring to the announcement to be announced later.”

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