KnowSeafood implements VeChain ToolChain to boost transparency


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  • KnowSeafood seeks to facilitate the supply of fresh seafood in the US through this integration.
  • Through this integration, KnowSeafood’s customers will be able to trace produce seamlessly.
  • Per KnowSeafood’s CEO, the blockchain delivers the transparency that consumers demand.

KnowSeafood, an online seafood marketplace has implemented StoryBird, a VeChain ToolChain-powered transparency application developed by Producers Market. VeChain unveiled this news through a blog post on December 1, noting that KnowSeafood made this move to facilitate the reliable supply of fresh seafood in the US. Through StoryBird, KnowSeafood will reportedly let its customers trace their seafood transparently from the time of capture to their plates.

Per the blog post, KnowSeafood chose VeChain ToolChain to help boost its strategy of directly connecting farming with consumers to using the blockchain. On top of this, the company seeks to curb seafood fraud and supply chain shakeups through blockchain technology.

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Securing and enabling food safety through VeChain ToolChain

Reportedly, the VeChain ToolChain allows platforms to deploy blockchain technology with the fastest lead times as compared to other platforms in the industry. By leveraging the intuitive templates integrated into VeChain ToolChain, local seafood farmers will be able to seamlessly upload harvesting, processing, and shipping information onto the VeChainThor blockchain. The blockchain network will then integrate with the StoryBird data visibility module. The application then presents the data publicly for the end-users to verify product origin and trace logistics of delivery.

By deploying blockchain technology, the organization will be able to fill the gaps between all stakeholders in the trade. Through this implementation, KnowSeafood’s platform will begin tracing multiple seafood categories on VeChain ToolChain starting Q4 2020. These species include Norwegian Salmon, North Atlantic Haddock, Peruvian Mahi-Mahi, New England Sea Scallops, Maine Lobster, among others.

Per Daniel McQuade, KnowSeafood’s founder and CEO,

“Our groundbreaking experience working with blockchain has proven to us how powerful a solution it is to traceability and sustainability. The American consumer is demanding the kind of transparency and provenance that blockchain technology delivers. In working with VeChain and the Storybird application, we are bringing our customers the best technology in the market to have immutable trust in seafood from our KnowSeafood online marketplace.”

A unique opportunity for VeChain

According to research, US citizens spend more than £76.6 billion on seafood annually. However, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) finds that about 80-90% of Americans still fail to meet the recommended level of seafood consumption. Per USDA, this is mainly due to the mislabeling of imported products and unfamiliarity with preparation methods.

To help improve this situation, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published guidelines and advice for US consumers regarding the purchase of safe seafood. The publication advised customers to look for the label containing information on where the fish was harvested, processed, and certified. As such, the agency compelled producers to find ways to improve transparency. This creates a unique opportunity for VeChain ToolChain to help more producers become transparent.

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