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Korea CEO Summit, ‘CEO Summit Club’ Started… Summit forum and accelerator operation started

Korea CEO Summit, ‘CEO Summit Club’ Started… Summit forum and accelerator operation started


Korea CEO Summit, ‘CEO Summit Club’ Started… Summit forum and accelerator operation started
(From the left of the first row) Organizers Bong-gyu Park, Chairman of the Forum Chairman Lee Mann, Chairman of the Accelerator Joo Young-seop (from the left of the second row) Seung-han Lee, Chairman of Next & Partners Group, Baek-rin Sung, Head of the Pan-Government Vaccine Commercialization Project Group, Minwoo Nam, Chairman of Dasan Networks (From the left of the third row ) Young-Dal Yoon, Chairman of Confectionery Group Crown Hae-Tae, Chairman Byun Dae-gyu, Humax Chairman, Ja-Kwan Koo, CEO of Samgu I&C

[Blockchain Today reporter Jeong Seung-won] Korea CEO Summit (KCS/Chairman Bong-Gyu Park) will hold the 1st CIO Summit Forum and Venture Startup Accelerator at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel on the afternoon of March 18.

In order to expand the CEO community in 2021, Korea CEO Summit is held under the slogans of’Global Network Infra’ and’People Community’, and on the third Thursday of each month (aka Mori Kii), the’CEO Summit Forum (CEO) Summit Forum)’ and announced that it will start operating an accelerating business for venture/start-up companies, including Korea CIO Summit members.

KCS has been operating Cima (CIMA) for creative innovation management, Yemunsacheol Agora Poca (4CA), CICON, the Creative City Cultural Convergence Industry Conference, Hermes, the God of Management, and Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Summit Marvels (MARVELS). , Innovation and Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Course INBA, the icon community C°ICON by field, and other members gather in one place, and the best speakers at home and abroad are invited to hold a Summit Forum on topics that fit the times. It is expected to play a major role in expanding the human network through various CEO training programs such as domestic and overseas workshops and picnics.

In the first half of 2021, the speakers at the CEO Summit Forum were Seung-han Lee, Chairman of Next & Partners (formerly Chairman of Homeplus Group), Baekrin Sung, Head of Pan-Government Vaccine Commercialization Business Division, Minwoo Nam, Chairman of Dasan Networks (Former Chairman of Venture Business Association), Young-dal Yoon, Chairman of Confectionery Group Crown Hae-Tae, Humax Chairman Byun Dae-gyu, Naver Board Chairman, and Samgu I&C CEO Koo Ja-gwan were selected.

In addition, KCS plans to launch the’Accelerator Committee’ to hold various programs such as fund investment for youth and venture/startup companies growth, corporate connection, marketing, mentorship, education, and public presentations to accelerate growth. Presentations for each industry are diverse, such as ICT innovation, blockchain, artificial intelligence and robots, big data, bio and biotechnology, e-sports, and contents.

Mentors/jury members include Young-seop Joo, former head of the Small and Medium Business Administration, Hyung-ju Kim, chairman of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association (former Seoul Vice Mayor), Young-cheol Kim, Vine Group Chairman, Jae-seop Yoon, Chairman of Unisys Group, Rae-ho Park, Chairman of Defense Information and Communication Association, MlSoft CEO Lee Moo-Sung, and FTB Group Chairman Lee Yeon-woo , Choi Soo-hyuk, chairman of the Korea Blockchain Startup Association, Kim Se-hoon, CEO of Phantom Accelerator, Lee Ki-young attorney, and Lee Dae-hoon, a partner at Sunil Accounting Firm.

This is expected to serve as an opportunity to raise a sense of challenge for corporate growth for young companies and startups.

Chairman Bong-gyu Park said, “Our Korea CEO Summit operates the’Summit Club’, a new concept of the’People community’ from the new year of 2021. On the third Thursday of every month, the’CEO Summit Forum (CEO) Summit Forum)’, as well as accelerating ventures/startups and conducting related tasks, we are happy to serve as a driving force for helping member companies share knowledge, networking, increase sales, and corporate growth.”

On the other hand, in 2021, the first year of the’CEO Summit Forum’ and the start of the’Accelerating’ business, the Korea CEO Summit has co-founder Lee Man-man of the Korea CEO Summit (former Minister of Environment) as the forum chairman, and Joo Young-seop, a special professor at Korea University. (Former Small and Medium Business Administration) was announced as the accelerator chairman.

Participation in forums and accelerating can be applied through the website or through the secretariat (02-2052-2080).