Korea Digital Asset (KODA) joins hands with Jangle for ‘transparent virtual asset transaction’ business agreement

Korea Digital Asset (KODA) joins hands with Jangle for ‘transparent virtual asset transaction’ business agreement

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Disclosure of token withdrawal schedule and recommendations for prior disclosure upon withdrawal, etc.

[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] Korea Digital Asset Co., Ltd. (KODA, CEO Kun-ki Moon) and Cross Angle (CrossAngle, Zangle, CEO Kim Jun-woo Lee Hyun-woo) signed a business agreement to promote transparent virtual asset transactions and transaction reliability has recently been announced.

According to the announcement, both KODA and Zangle signed an agreement to recommend the disclosure of the token withdrawal schedule of the major token holding foundations included in the Zangle platform to project teams that want to entrust or entrust the storage service of KODA to activate the transparency and disclosure system of digital virtual assets. concluded

In the case of the project foundation entrusted to KODA under this agreement, if it is necessary to withdraw the amount held by the foundation, it will be notified in advance on Jangle, and will be operated so that withdrawal is possible after disclosure.

In the past, there have been complaints about the loss of investors because the disclosure of the withdrawal and distribution of the coins held by the foundation was not carried out smoothly. Accordingly, Koda and Jangle signed a business agreement to improve transparency through ‘third-party storage of the amount of the foundation’, and at the same time specify provisions such as ‘recommend to notify in advance when withdrawing the amount of the foundation’ to prevent any damage that may occur to investors in advance. It is a stance to take more clear measures to protect investors.

Through an agreement between CIC Community (CEO Bae Han-gyu), which currently provides the NFT platform Claymint, and Coda, CIC Community Co., Ltd. provides Coda with a plan to withdraw the amount of the foundation for the next one year in advance, and plan to be published. By entrusting the amount of coins held by the foundation to KODA, it can be stored and managed more safely, and transparent management of the withdrawal of the amount of the foundation can be achieved.

In response, Koda CEO Mun Kun-ki said, “There is no obligation to disclose virtual assets yet, so it was somewhat weak in terms of investor protection. This agreement with Jangle to promote disclosure and the agreement with the coin issuance foundation is very meaningful in that it will ensure safe storage of virtual assets and enhancement of transparency in coin circulation.”

Jangle CEO Kim Jun-woo also said about the agreement, “As it is part of an effort to create a transparent and safe virtual asset investment culture, this agreement with KODA is very meaningful.” “As a company leading the trend of the virtual asset investment industry, , we will strive to protect more investors and promote disclosure based on accurate data.”


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