Lambda 256, 70 billion series B investment


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] ‘Lambda 256’ (CEO Park Jae-hyun), the operator of the block chain cloud service platform Luniverse, has already invested in Dunamu, Woori Technology Investment Co., Ltd., Hanwha Systems Co., Ltd., Chong Kun Dang Holdings Co., Ltd., and Ya Co., Ltd. It announced on the 13th that it has attracted a total of 70 billion Series B investment from major venture capitals and strategic investors including Nolja, Daelim Co., Ltd., VTI Partners Co., Ltd., DSC Investment Co., Ltd., Shinhan Venture Investment Co., Ltd., KB Investment Co., Ltd.

Lambda256 is a blockchain specialized subsidiary of Dunamu and was established as a spin-off in March 2019. Luniverse, a cloud-based blockchain service platform, has been commercialized to solve the common development and operational difficulties experienced by all companies that want to utilize blockchain. The Luniverse platform, called BaaS, provides high-performance layer 2 sidechains and various development tools required for service development using blockchain, so that any company can easily use blockchain technology without blockchain expertise.

Luniverse has been used by more than 3,300 customers since commercialization. Representative examples of IDRT projects in the financial sector (stablecoins based on Indonesian Rupiah), Gluwa (blockchain-based remittance/loan/payment fintech project), and Mil. K, Yanolja, Shinsegae Duty Free, etc. Korea’s representative block-chain-based point mileage integrated service) and Dunamu unlisted stock trading service in the field of block-chain data utilization, Chonbuk National University Hospital and Chungbuk National University Hospital Clinical Pharmacology Center clinical trial platform, Metaverse field division (a metaverse platform based on blockchain NFT assets) and Xverse (a blockchain platform that creates a virtual reality ecosystem), and Cherry (the first blockchain-based donation platform in Korea) and Verystore (a donation auction related to star’s cherished items) platform). In addition, more than 200 companies are operating Luniverse-based commercialization services, such as the knowledge Q&A service Aha, Mosland, a leading blockchain game leader, and JikTalk, a blockchain-based SNS service.

In particular, recently, Luniverse NFT technology was applied to the construction and operation of the Upbit NFT marketplace to operate a large-capacity blockchain service, and the earliest domestic travel rate solution, VerifyVASP, was launched and applied to more than 12 exchanges. It has proven its business feasibility.

This series B investors highly evaluated the importance of BaaS technology in the blockchain ecosystem and the growth rate of Lambda 256. Also, new strategic investors such as Daelim, Shinhan, KB, and SBI are Luniverse Consortium Chain and NFT operated based on BaaS. , DID, and other customers and joint business partners. These strategic investors paid attention to the fact that block chain technology is already desperately needed as a core competency of business, and Luniverse has sufficiently global competitiveness as a leader in the fast-growing block chain cloud market by securing the related block chain source technology.

Jay Park, CEO of Lambda256, said, “We have grown together with customers by solving the performance, usability, and scalability problems encountered when applying blockchain with domestic and foreign customers, and adding various new requirements to Luniverse. As confirmed through the recently announced Upbit NFT Marketplace, the differentiated Luniverse NFT technology and the regulatory compliance consortium blockchain technology increase the likelihood of business success by allowing companies to focus on their original business without any difficulties with the blockchain. ” He said, “We will do our best to become a leader in the global blockchain field and a company leading the popularization of blockchain technology together with investors representing each sector in Korea. The funds secured from this investment will be actively used to secure excellent talent, expand domestic and foreign businesses and the Luniverse ecosystem, and in 2022, we will introduce various new services to the market in the field of assetization, such as NFT and STO.”

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