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4 January 2019, Seoul- We are delighted to attend the launch of Coinfinit, back by China Investors in South Korea, Seoul. This is their very first public appearance.

The event started off with a speech by their CEO, Mr Oh (오상범) via a recorded video. He is very confident of his new exchange.

Mr Park, COO gave a good overview of what Coinfinit is about and what they intend to do for the cryptocurrency market.

Speeches by international speakers follow.

The questions and answers are purely in Korean language and based on those who asked the questions, they seem to be upset and the word Coinbit were floated many times. This does not matter. We will find out more in time to come.

The other thing that caught our eye is their prize of a Lamborghini Sports Car. This should be able to gain a lot of media attention. I wish they can drive the cars to showcase at the venue.

We wish all the best for their launch. We hope to see more of Coinfinit and interview their CEO in near future.

Find out more at www.confinit.com

Image sources: WeChat



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