Learn about Acala EVM+ in three minutes: Fully compatible with Ethereum and retain the advantages of Substrate?


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After the Acala parachain is online, the Ethereum ecological DApp only needs minor modifications to deploy the contract to Acala EVM+.

Original title: “Acala EVM+|100% compatible with the Ethereum development environment, 100% retains the advantages of Substrate”
Written by: Acala

The Acala development team has completed the optimization of the original EVM and launched a customized Acala EVM+. Now it can not only provide a similar Ethereum development environment for DeFi users, but also bring 100% Ethereum-compatible functional experience (such as MetaMask, etc.). In addition, DApps built on Acala EVM+ can still have all the functions of the modular development framework Substrate launched by Polkadot, including performance and customizability.

In other words, Acala EVM+ has 100% Ethereum compatibility and 100% of the advantages of Polkadot and Substrate framework.

When Acala is successfully connected to Polkadot as a parachain in the future, any DApp team can deploy their EVM-based smart contract to Acala EVM+ with only minor modifications , and it can also be like in the original Ethereum environment. Use utilities like MetaMask, Truffle, Waffle, etc. At present, the Acala team has completed most of the EVM+ development work and will be launched after the audit test is completed.

Therefore, the DeFi development team will be able to integrate their applications into Acala very smoothly and fully enter the Polkadot ecosystem to obtain:

  • TVL of billions of new assets

  • Hundreds of thousands of new users

  • A new and seamless user experience compared to now

  • Technical support from the top development team of Polkadot

We all know that Ethereum has done things that Bitcoin can’t achieve, and many innovations have been born. Similarly, Substrate and Polkadot are different from Ethereum in many aspects. For example, Substrate and Polkadot can empower many chain-level innovations outside the EVM sandbox .

We are very optimistic about the Substrate framework, so we retained all the advantages and future potential of Substrate when building Acala EVM+ , instead of simply deploying Ethereum on Polkadot and continue to face related problems caused by the Ethereum sandbox environment.

Learn about Acala EVM+ in three minutes: Is it fully compatible with Ethereum and retain the advantages of Substrate?

Expand your users and TVL with Acala EVM+

Capture billions of TVLs in Polkadot ecology with minimal code changes

For the DeFi team, deployment on Acala EVM+ can achieve seamless access to the Polkadot ecosystem and capture Polkadot’s native assets (such as DOT, DOT-related derivatives, Acala Dollar-aUSD and the natively issued USDC/USDT, etc.) dozens of 100 million liquidity .

Similarly, Acala will also connect existing Bitcoin, Ethereum and other high-quality ecological assets through bridges and streets. This allows EVM-compatible DApps to extend collateral and products to the existing user base, and can also have hundreds of thousands of new potential users of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Provide Ethereum users with a seamless access interface for new assets

With Acala EVM+, DApp teams can now provide existing users with new assets and market access based on their original interface and experience. Users can use Ethereum tools such as MetaMask to easily switch to the “Acala Market” (just like the current switch between Ethereum and other networks).

More importantly, this new “Acala Market” not only includes all ERC20, Bitcoin, and Polkadot-based assets on Acala, but also any other assets that will be connected to Acala in the future.

Continuously improve UX through Substrate and create a customizable and composable DeFi center

Acala EVM+ fully retains the advantages of the Substrate framework. It not only provides developers with a 100% Ethereum-compatible development environment, but also enables the composability of all DeFi application construction based on Acala. EVM+ can mine any core DeFi basic product components on the Acala chain, including aUSD, LDOT, and AMM-based DEX—Acala Swap.

EVM+ also allows you to use the functions customized by the Acala team for DeFi at the chain level, such as multi-asset payment fees, automatic clearing (no Keepers required), block guarantee priority Oracle price feed channel (QoS), and automatic scheduling on the chain (similar to Subscription) and other functions.

Over time, developers can add any chain-level updates required by their DApp to Substrate and enjoy Acala’s fork-free chain upgrades.

Deploy on Acala EVM+ to become a multi-chain DApp

Deploying on Acala EVM+ means that your DApp can support multiple chains in different ways :

  1. Any DApp on Acala can have interoperability with other different parachains or DApp assets and smart contracts in the Polkadot ecosystem. Similarly, any DApp in the Polkadot ecosystem can use your smart contracts or assets. This interoperability may involve complex cross-chain transactions across multiple DApps and parachains, all of which are fully composable.

  2. Acala and external bridges such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can also enable DApps on Acala EVM+ to take advantage of cross-chain liquidity.

Co-build with Polkadot’s top development team

Acala is the top development team in the Polkadot ecosystem, has five Web3 Foundation Grants, and is the top external technical development contributor to the Substrate/Polkadot code base. Bryan Chen, CTO of Acala, founded and led the first and only Substrate Development Academy.

And Acala is also about to launch the Grants plan and ecological fund to support development teams who want to build decentralized financial applications.

Are you ready to deploy on Acala? Those who want to know more about the Grant program and contact us can fill in the relevant form .

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