Li-Financial expands ecosystem through Binance Smartchain support

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[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] Polkadot-based cross-chain asset exchange protocol’RAI Finance’ is able to link with various platforms including Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and ChainSwap. It announced on the 12th that it will expand the ecosystem through it.

Lai Finance announced that ▲Binance Smart Chain ecosystem linkage, ▲decentralized exchange DODO, pancake swap liquidity support and transactions became possible.

The first service to be launched by Ly Finance will run on Binance Smart Chain and will support swaps of about 104+ tokens currently issued on Binance Smart Chain. RAI tokens issued based on the existing Ethereum are also linked with Binance Smart Chain.

Li Finance is a protocol that provides cross-chain asset exchange. Rye Finance aims to link and integrate with Polkadot’s Parachain in the future for issuing and trading various assets within the protocol. Ly Finance is strengthening its capabilities in various fields such as Oracle, security, IDO, and cross-chain compatibility by cooperating with various projects such as Chainlink, Bounce Finance, Tidal, Darwinia, and DVP.

Lee Finance CEO Lee Kun-ho said, “We have expanded the Defi function of Rye Finance to the next level through the support of Binance Smart Chain and liquidity supply to the decentralized exchange.” I will do it.”