Liang Xinjun, co-founder of Fosun Group: In the process of data economic information formation, privacy computing may bring profound changes and impacts


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Liang Xinjun said that the “three carriages” for the development of blockchain industrialization in the future are: DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse, and the decentralized privacy computing network will be a very important infrastructure.

Original title: “Liang Xinjun: Privacy Computing, Blockchain, AI-The “Troika” Supporting the Infrastructure of the Future Data Economy”
Written by: PlatON

On July 29th, Mr. Liang Xinjun, co-founder of Fosun Group, member of the board of directors and chief consultant of LatticeX Foundation, was a guest of “PlatON AIR”, and talked with Lianwen editor-in-chief Mr. Liu Feng and community users to talk about the development of blockchain industry. The new opportunities of the company and PlatON, as a private AI computing network, will inject new momentum into the future industrial form and social development.

The following is a selected transcript of this dialogue, organized for readers:

Key points : The “three carriages” for the future development of blockchain industrialization are: distributed finance, NFT, and meta universe. Supporting the development of the above industries requires a fully distributed computing network architecture with privacy protection capabilities.

Liu Feng : What do you think of the current overall development of the blockchain industry, and what new areas and new directions you are concerned about?

Liang Xinjun : In the past two years or so, many traditional entrepreneurs and investors have been asking, what is the use of blockchain? What are the large-scale applications of blockchain? The most common, blockchain can be used for traceability, as well as cryptocurrency, but these are the most basic applications. If large-scale applications really appear, the signs will already appear this year.

So now if you are interested in blockchain, whether it is innovation or investment, I think the three directions will inevitably be touched.

The first one is DeFi (distributed finance) . If you care about getting cash flow immediately, you should quickly notice the direction of DeFi. The scale of DeFi once reached nearly 90 billion U.S. dollars, and then declined to about 60 to 70 billion. The scale is also very amazing, and the daily transaction fee income has reached nearly 30 million U.S. dollars. Worldwide, It is also difficult for us to find a few financial applications, which can generate 30 million US dollars a day.

So it should be said that DeFi has reached a very large scale. DeFi actually provides a very reasonable cost of capital platform for all participants, whether it is a borrower, a lender or a platform. To some extent, it provides an inclusive practice for global finance, and the borrower can borrow reasonable The depositor can get a reasonable return on the funds with interest. Blockchain has natural financial properties, and DeFi is a good direction.

The second one is NFT (Non-Homogeneous Token) . The most interesting innovation this year is NFT. If you look at innovation in the financial industry, DeFi is the first choice. If you talk about popularity and traffic, you must consider NFT. Although NFT appeared relatively early, it did not emerge until this year. There was a news recently. A game based on the NFT concept is called Axie Infinity. Its single-day revenue has reached 18.48 million US dollars. What is the concept? Reached twice the size of the King’s Glory.

The core advantage of NFT is that it can link a large number of users who have not been exposed to the blockchain or crypto assets. People can access the blockchain through NFT. NFT is for groups with brand, creative power, intangible assets, art assets, etc. , Which has brought about a better form of autonomous income.

Therefore, NFT is more like the democratization of an IP. In the past, having IP, brand, or creative power needed to rely on a platform and a third party to achieve revenue, whether it was an auction house, a manager or a TV station. And now, the practice of NFT on the blockchain has given the best channel to directly obtain revenue. Managers at different levels have the opportunity to get the benefits they deserve, so NFT is a possibility for the democratization of IP.

The third one is Metaverse . Metaverse is the direction of future integration and development. The so-called integration is the rapid development of the mobile Internet, coupled with the rapid development of the Internet of Things and blockchain. Including artificial intelligence, what kind of product form will these four technologies look like after the integration? Recently, the form of the so-called Metaverse has appeared faintly. Metaverse has inspired a version 1.0 of the digital world mapped out by the physical world in which human beings live.

In other words, we are now undergoing a great evolution in human history, gradually evolving from a traditional materialized human society to a digitized human society. This is a process of digital migration. The meta universe gives us a form of existence in a digital state.

Let me start the meta universe briefly. The Internet form of the past was the Internet of Information, and the Internet of Information is now gradually moving towards the Internet of Value with the help of blockchain and the Internet of Things. In the conversion process, a product presentation form is needed. I think Metaverse is likely to be a very good product presentation form.

In Metaverse, everyone will have a digital avatar, which is an avatar. This is different from our traditional game play. The player who plays the game must be a real person, and the individual must go online, and then come to command the characters in the game. Not needed in Metaverse.

The ideal state of Metaverse in the future is to shape the AI ​​engine with personality. As a real person, you can agree on some personality traits for the clone in Metaverse, and then you will observe all the activities of the clone in the digital world during this period, and gradually shape it into you The shape of hope.

I believe that some people may be shy in the real world, but their clone will become very open. On the other hand, the clone will also affect your state of reality, and the real personality will also be affected by the virtual personality. The key is what you shape A virtual person, he himself has his social life in the virtual world, has his business activities, and can even make money. It may even one day make more money than you, so it will be difficult to distinguish who is in the future. The real character master.

This is an ideal state in the future, which requires that Metaverse may be a decentralized form, the code should be open source, and an operating system that can be used at all without a license. Because only in this case, more people are willing to participate in the value creation of Metaverse.

Metaverse should not be a closed world, it is not a game platform product, it is like a protocol group, so such a protocol group needs a network, a completely open source distributed network, so that all people can create and serve items for a long time. The value of the right to confirm.

In the world of Metaverse, computing tasks should also be distributed computing, which cannot be completed by a central platform, so it will not be super-computing. Then storage will be the same, it should be distributed storage, not a single storage center. So the entire development of Metaverse, I think it will drive the formation of Web 3.0. Web 3.0 distributed computing and storage will also promote the better development of Metaverse. It is conceivable that in the world of Metaverse, the demand for content creation is huge, and it is impossible for one, two or several centralized platforms to complete the creation. Just like now, UGC is more feasible, and there may be an evolutionary version of it in the future: AIGC, which is artificial intelligence to complete content creation. Of course, content creation is not just art, music, and text. Many services and even tools will be created by AI in the future. So in the future, AIGC and UGC, I believe, will become the main body of content creation in Metaverse.

If you think more deeply, what are the basic elements in the world of Metaverse? The basic elements that make up our physical world were first known as atoms, but now they are quarks. There are still subdivisions below quarks. So what are the basic elements of Metaverse? It’s FT. On the basis of FT, based on some rules, NFT can be constructed. NFT is unique, that is, a specific object that can be identified. This object is different from others and is equivalent to an individual person or individual的物。 The thing. It is necessary to establish an effective economic mechanism in the world of Metaverse, so that from FT to NFT and the interaction between NFT, there must be rules to make the ecology sustainable.

Of course, Metaverse needs to be interconnected. Without interconnection, the Metaverse world cannot be formed. Interaction and interconnection require a unified identity. Some unified identities are needed to build search engines, social networks and asset deposits in the new Internet era.

Of course, the first stage of Metaverse is the virtual game, which is bound to the game ecology. It is easy for everyone to accept. It can be imagined that if real people interact with virtual personalities for a long time, many social and emotional relationships will be affected. You can transfer to this digital clone, which means that one day your physical body may die, but the digital clone will continue to exist.

In this way, our social relationship will become complicated in the future. This is a social relationship that spans time and space and species, and is an experience of virtual life.

Therefore, the three directions of DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse are future development opportunities in the blockchain field. Thank you.

Key point : The epidemic has brought us an opportunity to accelerate the formation of the Digital Earth, from which it is necessary to solve the problem of how to realize the survival of individuals, companies, and countries in the Digital Earth. Secondly, it is necessary to solve the problem of how to carry out digital production in the digital earth.

Liu Feng : Thank you very much, Mr. Liang. The next question is that the new crown epidemic has brought many changes to the world. What impact will these changes have on all aspects of the digital economy?

Liang Xinjun : Not only can the new crown epidemic be over now, I believe it will be difficult to end until February next year, so home isolation and social distance will continue to exist.

This situation forces many online businesses to develop rapidly, and more and more business activities move online. More and more families, whether it is shopping, education or entertainment, will also move to online, government affairs have also become online government affairs, and more and more people who refuse online services at the beginning are forced to accept popularization.

Therefore, in the physical world we live in, there is already a digital parallel world, and the digital earth has been rapidly formed. All our activities have been mapped in the digital world. Therefore, in fact, every person, every company, every country They are all forced to think about a question in advance, how to define their role in the digital earth, the question of living space and development space.

The digital earth should be distributed and decentralized in the governance layer. Just like today we are here to participate in such a community forum, our community owners of PlatON spontaneously form a community with rules and gameplay in line with everyone.

Second, there needs to be an incentive layer. Everyone needs to participate continuously. There needs to be a currency system similar to our real world. Token is needed. Why do you need Token? It must be related to the real world, which may be a multi-point system or a rights exchange system. That is to say, why the digital earth is a value internet and it should provide convenience in value distribution and sharing accommodation.

In the application layer, in terms of digital technology, to find a specific investment and development entity or a usable grasper, the first is how to realize the survival of individuals, companies, and countries in the digital earth. The second is to solve the problem of how to carry out digital production in the digital earth. The digital earth has a digital production method. We must not only find our own way of expression, but also have our own business model. We must have a production method to create value in the digital world. How the value is exchanged and realized, these issues must be considered. All in all, I think the new crown epidemic has brought an opportunity to accelerate the formation of the digital planet.

Key point : PlatON, a privacy AI computing network, makes data sources more diversified and more willing. Ultimately, PlatON aims to enable people with data resources, people with algorithmic AI models, and people with computing power to integrate and share at a lower cost to add value together.

Liu Feng : There are many problems surrounding the digital economy. How will these problems change in the core technology? The development of the data economy has brought many changes to the business body and the social system. So what kind of changes and challenges will these core technologies have in the future?

Liang Xinjun : Starting in 2019, the Internet of Things has become popular, and the Internet of Things has brought a large number of new users, mainly IoT accounts. If a person has one account, then there may be 100 accounts of things. The accounts of things are actually quite embarrassing. It is not like a person’s autonomous account. It is very passive. It needs a smart AI execution system. It can make it possible to talk and trade with others, exchange information, and exchange value. Therefore, the Internet of Things naturally needs a smart account of the blockchain for blessing. I think the Internet of Things and the blockchain are the basis for natural integration.

I just mentioned that AI will not only become a tool for humans to organize data, but AI itself will also give birth to many autonomous accounts in the future, that is, AI itself exists as a virtual subject, and it will work in parallel with IoT accounts and human accounts. In the future, we may see at least three types of accounts: human accounts, material accounts, and AI accounts. Then these three accounts are in the virtual world, and in the world of data economy, the value of their rights is equal. .

Putting the goal a little longer, let’s think about the history of nearly 200 years starting with the industrial revolution. If you want to make investment to outperform the era, in principle, you must invest in the core economic driving force of this era. Before 1940, the main global economic drivers were basic raw materials, coal, petroleum, steel, and cement. So at that time the major billionaires or the top 5 major market capitalizations in the world were the producers or suppliers of basic raw materials.

Then the second stage is that advanced manufacturing has become the main driving force. From the beginning of 1940 to 1950, and until nearly 1990, it creates value at this stage and ranks among the top 5 in global market value. , The one that creates the most billionaires is advanced manufacturing. For example, representative ones like General Electric, GM, IBM, etc., should be familiar to everyone. After 90 years, IT has brought about the most important development in the world. IT has given way to the Internet after only 10 years, and the Internet has given way to the mobile Internet after another 10 years. Today we look at the world’s major wealthy individuals, or the fastest growing areas of personal wealth, and the companies with the largest market capitalizations, are undoubtedly mobile Internet giants.

If you want to consider the next 10-20 years, the law can be easily summarized, mainly data, which will be the main driving force of the economy. Of course, the data also includes stock and increment, that is, who has the most stock data and who has the most incremental data. The development of the mobile Internet has made the cost of data collection very low. In the past, we had to manually collect data one by one and it was very exhausting, and we could not get timely data. AI makes the cost of massive data analysis very low, but the problem is that the data will also be exposed to the sun without reservation. The private AI computing network represented by PlatON allows more data sources to be willing to be collected And safe use, and can realize the return of the owner of the data rights, of course, many owners in the community may understand better than me, or be able to clarify the value of PlatON.

The core problem to be solved by PlatON’s privacy computing is to make the data completely safe from leaks, especially when sensitive information is completely stored, or even when the entire database does not need to be moved to other areas, so there is no need to worry about the database. In the case of leaks, the data can be used to train the AI ​​and produce the training results, which is simply the logic.

Because of the protection of privacy computing technology, many people who were originally worried about database leaks are more willing to say OK. My data can be used. Of course, PlatON can also ensure that these data are used and data applications can be obtained at the same time. The benefits in the process, that is, the return of the ownership of the benefits.

Therefore, the mobile Internet makes the cost of data collection low, and AI makes the cost of data utilization and analysis low. The privacy AI computing network PlatON makes data sources more diversified and more willing. Ultimately, PlatON aims to enable people with data resources, people with algorithmic AI models, and people with computing power to integrate and share at a lower cost to add value together.

To briefly explain, in the past, people with data tended to develop AI models similar to stand-alone games, then use their own data to train AI models, and finally provide a service to the outside world.

Now because of the existence of PlatON, people with data do not have to spend a lot of effort to develop AI models. He can use PlatON to use other people’s AI models safely, reliably and at a low cost, without having to spend a lot of money to invest in the development of massive calculations. To train his own model, on PlatON, he can use the data to make money immediately without worrying about data leakage.

Similarly, people with AI models, for example, I have an AI model for autonomous driving, but I need a lot of data for autonomous driving, so I have to look for the data. After the data is found, I will worry that my AI model will be copied by others, so he It is unwilling to completely hand over the AI ​​model to a third party for use.

With the blessing of PlatON, the AI ​​model can be run by thousands of computers, but the owner of the AI ​​model does not have to worry about the problem of algorithm leakage, so you can easily make your AI model on thousands of computers It uses thousands of distributed data for training and becomes smarter.

In the past, only people with huge supercomputing capabilities were able to develop AI. But now through the sharing mechanism of computing power, the most ordinary people can also share the benefits from AI data. PlatON is to forge such a private AI computing network and community, so that people with data resources, people with algorithm AI, and people with computing power can integrate, share, and create value together at a lower cost.

Even if we go one step further, PlatON provides a possibility that there are more AI algorithms that can survive on PlatON continuously, and AI algorithms can interact continuously and reliably. In the traditional world, it is human. Transactions with people, people with data, people with computing power, or organization and organization transactions, etc. However, PlatON provides a possibility. Pure AI does not belong to any of the above types of people. It is the fourth type. People can trade and interact between AIs or between AIs and people.

So I think that in the process of forming data economy information, PlatON may bring profound changes and influences to the data economy.

Key points : The current blockchain and data economy wave of opportunities to make trends, regardless of investment or entrepreneurship, will be more popular in areas such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and AIGC.

Liu Feng : The fourth question is how to grasp the opportunity to make the tide under the wave of blockchain and data economy?

Liang Xinjun : Okay, I will give you a quick report.

First of all, try to focus on DeFi, because DeFi can quickly bring cash flow and profits. Therefore, in DeFi, only Compound and Uniswap are not enough for innovation. There is still a lot of work to be done, including insurance, etc., which need to be innovated.

Secondly, around NFT. NFT is not just the creation of NFT trading platform and NFT artwork. Recently, everyone has seen the success of NFT games, and there is still a lot of room for NFT to be explored.

I just mentioned how to build more NFTs on the basis of NFT in the field of Metaverse. This is a rule for the development and growth of Metaverse. Therefore, NFT has a lot of creative work to be developed, and investment should also be considered from this perspective. .

The third is the meta universe. So far, there has not been a very decent, well-recognized opportunity. But the tools and equipment that enter the Metaverse can be developed. The second virtual real estate in Metaverse, even virtual real estate builders and developers, is also a good opportunity.

There is also content production, especially the AIGC just mentioned. It is AI to create content. Both the content creation itself and the tools of AIGC are very valuable.

Just mentioned that distributed computing, distributed storage, and DID are all Metaverse infrastructure. In addition, Metaverse’s native NFT and native artwork all possess developable and createable value.

So if we discuss the direction of trending, whether it is investment or entrepreneurship, I think these directions should be very valuable, and it is easier to get the favor of capital.

The following is a user problem

PlatON solves modern digital bottlenecks: 1. Privacy protection problem; 2. Data gap problem.

User : In the increasingly severe situation of the new crown, will there be new business scenarios derived from PaltON?

Liang Xinjun : Everyone is the owner of the community and I am very grateful. I think the future of PlatON is actually shaped by everyone. I think this question is very good.

On the one hand, the epidemic has promoted the rapid formation of the online digital earth, but on the other hand, there have been many bottlenecks in the process of formation.

Data bottlenecks exist both at home and abroad. To give a few examples, the first example is that the Chinese government recently required Internet companies to protect user privacy when using user data, and even required many Internet products to stop developing new users, and their apps were taken down until they improved user privacy. The protection measures are so far, that is to say, the collection of user data now needs to meet the requirements of privacy protection, and a lot of data wants to interact, such as AI training, which requires the use of massive, multi-source data will become more difficult. Almost all countries have issued licensing policies for data entry and exit. The multiple bottlenecks of privacy-based secure data make data circulation more difficult, and it is also more difficult to play the value of data. PlatON has a very large application space in this case.

The solution to this bottleneck is to provide a technology that can be trusted by the government, the public, and industry experts. At the same time, there must be a reliable proof that can be trained without touching digital privacy or even data without going abroad. A set of techniques for AI results. PlatON meets this condition. PlatON is very good at protecting user data privacy and data cross-border. Based on this, users in the PlatON community can work together to create better product formats and service applications to meet the needs of various scenarios. .

The second scenario is the global data gap problem. Some large companies and countries have huge data, very advanced algorithms, and powerful computing power, but many small countries, small companies, and individuals do not. Training AI, data, computing power, and algorithms are indispensable. This gap in data, algorithm models, and computing power will exacerbate inequality in the digital economy. Is there a very cheap way to make small resource owners? The same benefit? PlatON’s goal is to use easy-to-use, low-cost services so that people with data, people with computing power, and people with algorithm models can serve each other to bridge this data gap.

PlatON is more to provide a platform on how to make full use of data under the current severe privacy policy and the status quo of data islands. The PlatON community needs to develop a way to provide services to those who have data, those who have algorithm models, and those who have computing power. It is more convenient for them to form the entire Metaverse and in the development of the entire data economy. Profit.

We hope that all small companies, small countries, and young people from small forces in the world can benefit from the development of the data economy. This is a democratization process of an opportunity for the data economy. This is both A business opportunity is also a positive value.

PlatON wants to create an open source and open community, solve the data gap problem, and benefit all data participants.

User : In addition to technology, the difficulties of large-scale commercial use of privacy computing include user habits, standards and laws and regulations. We have seen PlatON trying to solve the first two points, while the latter two are more complex system problems. It may not be something that a company can promote on its own, but it is very important. What kind of attempts does Mr. Liang think PlatON can do in this regard?

Liang Xinjun : This question is very good.

As the owners of the PlatON community, you must first have a clear positioning, that is, what will PlatON do in the future?

I think that our PlatON should be an open source platform. We should focus on building an ecosystem and work with all participants in the community to determine and shape the future direction of PlatON. PlatON does not want to be a platform that tries to solve all problems. We are more of an open source platform, a platform developed by the community freely.

To achieve this goal, we must first support the entrepreneurial ecology. For example, as mentioned in the previous question, support more data and resource owners, more AI algorithm model providers, and more distributed computing power, storage, and owners to join the PlatON ecosystem.

PlatON’s core goal is to open up, to open up data, AI models, and computing power. To give a real example, Tesla accused a certain electric car company in China for plagiarizing his early version of autopilot, and it was immoral to conduct Chinese-style behavior. The autopilot system is an AI model, so the owners of all these AI models believe that this model is closed and cannot be used by others. PlatON’s goal is to open up these AI models and generate benefits for owners.

On the premise of ensuring that the data algorithm is open and ensuring that it is not plagiarized, then it is a mission of PlatON. So our goal is to support all such open ecosystems, including the openness of data, AI, computing power, and storage areas.

PlatON also hopes to solve the problem of data entry and exit, not only in China, but also in the security and compliance of data sharing in various countries, such as finance, health, travel, communications, consumption, public facilities, and medical care.

Financial institutions are now unwilling to share data. Why? He is afraid that his data will be obtained by others, but if we use PlatON’s technology to ensure that the original data will not be completely obtained by others, different data-owners can collaborate to train an AI.

If in the financial field, this privacy-protected data collaborative sharing method makes everyone feel credible and can get a reliable result, then PlatON can also solve the problem of mutual distrust of different data sources when interacting across industries. Financial data, health data, travel, communication data, consumption data, etc. What we want to solve is the issue of trust mechanisms and value-creating models between institutions and even internationally.

I just mentioned the issue of entry and exit of data compliance. How can we ensure that data such as genetic data and disease data can train cross-border AI models without leaving the country?

To solve this problem, we must use credible mathematics to demonstrate, IT information security to demonstrate, and compliance to demonstrate, and we must show it to the public and regulators. There is a lot of application space here, and the community can work together to complete it. PlatON is a public chain, and we are a community. What PlaON has to do is to support more community members to improve the ecology.

I think the most important value of the public chain is not in the short-term commercial realization of one or two years, but in the constant adherence to the principle of decentralization, and the ability to grow independently and innovate freely and on a large scale. Participants in the community ecology do not need to consider short-term business costs and returns, and can take time to trial and error and jointly obtain long-term value.

PlatON does not try to solve and promote the solution of any problems immediately by its own efforts, but hopes that PlatON will create a platform, a basic platform on which an open ecosystem can rely, so that every partner in the ecosystem can create, develop, and solve together. problem. thanks.

The world belongs to young people. We encourage young people to create, join PlatON, shape their own future, and shape the future of all mankind.

User : Currently, PlatON is hosting PlatON’s first hackathon and quadratic funding Grant with DoraHacks. The DoraHacks program organizes and funds the innovation of open source developers in the PlatON ecosystem. May I ask Mr. Liang, what do you think of the hackathon? What are your expectations for our hackathon?

Liang Xinjun : I personally think that the PlatON community has made a very good decision to support hackathons. I think we should support hackathons more in the future, including community activities similar to hackathons. PlatON needs more geeks with privacy computing in the future, and more geeks with AI autonomous agent applications will join in.

To explain a little bit about AI autonomous agents, PlatON provides a possibility. In addition to human accounts, physical accounts, and organizational accounts, we can create a completely autonomous AI account. Then between AI accounts, AI and AI can interact with each other in the future, AI and human accounts, organizational accounts and IoT accounts can also interact, so we need more geeks to consider how to develop The application of AI autonomous agents. PlatON’s goal is to create an open source platform, so that more data algorithm computing power can be used mutually, and common value-added. So we need geeks to explore and create more low-priced service packages, so that data owners want to come to PlatON, create value, and make money.

In PlatON, a service product can be developed. Those who purchase this service package can easily use other people’s algorithm models and use other people’s computing power, which is equivalent to this service package’s fast connection to data, AI algorithms, and AI Algorithmic people. So PlatON needs to have such geeks who can develop and create this kind of service suite. I think this world will always be young people in the future. If more children can participate in PlatON’s ecological construction in the future, I think This is very good. After all, this world is all young people. I hope that relying on the foundation of PlatON and global geek platforms such as hackathons will enable developers to better shape their own future, while using PlatON’s infrastructure to better shape the future of our humanity.

Human beings are experiencing a great digital migration, and the rules of the digital migration world have been completed. It is impossible for those 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds and 60-year-olds, or those politicians, to make it. It should be made by us young people, by us. The geeks make it together. So I think our future must be in our own hands. Then of course I think that as PlatON’s partners, members of the PlatON community, and the owners, I think we should have a sense of mission. We must work together to promote the construction and application of the entire Metaverse infrastructure.

I believe PlatON must be a very important infrastructure and application of Metaverse. Because on our PlatON platform, real-world data and future original new data created based on Metaverse, real-world AI model algorithm models, and newly created AI models on Metaverse, as well as real-world people or things will be made available. , As well as the new customers who create AI autonomous agents on Metaverse, they can all be in Metaverse together. Everyone, every object, every subject can find better development space. I think the development of Metaverse itself will promote the development of PlatON.

We should have such lofty ambitions and ambitions. In the future, in the new generation of human existence, that is, the existence of the meta-universe, PlatON should play a very important role, the most important foundation for the top 10 or top 20 in the world. The service provider of the facility, so I am eager for all members of the hackathon and all members of our community to have such ambitions, dreams, and the creativity to use and build on the basis of PlatON to change their lives.

thank you all.


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